Friday, October 28, 2005

A cockney what?

Pillick? Pollick? What the HELL did Martin call Danny?

And I'm sorry, Martin gets some really creepy looks when he's pissed (Both forms of pissed-ness - either angry or drunk).

And what did Vera say to Maria? 'Shut your maudy mouth?'

I'm losing it. On Wednesday Maria and Tyrone had some exchange and I was completely lost. It might as well have been a freakin' episode of Eastenders.

Is there something wrong with me that I find Kev's sex appeal is going up the more he stands up to Sally.


Anonymous said...

That's why I love our PVR! I can rewind and put the closed captioning on to actually understand what they are saying! Comes in very handy with scenes Danny (he talks so fast) and Warren (all gibberish to me!).
Sometimes the CBC's spelling can be a bit off - although there could be many different ways to spell nowt :)

John said...

Pillock = idiot.

The Maria-Tyrone exchange was something about Maria needing a dabber for Bingo like Vera's. I think Maria thinks Tyrone wants Vera's personality in Maria's body.

It's nice to Maria finally relaxing into her relationship with Tyrone. She actually seems somewhat happy.

Yeah, that'll last...

kowy said...

Kevin's always been sexy, in that greasy mechanic from the back-streets kind of way.