Monday, October 10, 2005

Brits Spend £10.2bn a Year on Beauty Products

Brits are spending a total of £10.2 billion on beauty products each year according to new research - and it’s not just women who are the culprits.

Half the men questioned have ditched soap and water in favour of more sophisticated daily beauty routines, while one in four admits to splashing out on upmarket brands usually used by women.

Meanwhile one in five women think nothing of spending £50 on anti-ageing creams and own 10 different bottles of expensive perfume. In fact, nearly 70 percent of men think their partners spend far too much money on toiletries and make-up. Three in five believe that women are to blame when it comes to clogging up the bathroom cabinet.

The research also found that over £1.7bn is wasted every year on unused toiletries, with Christmas and birthdays the peak times for receiving unwanted health and beauty gifts. A third of those questioned admitted to never using half of their products, which just end up gathering dust in the bathroom cabinet.

Top 5 Unused Cabinet Cloggers

1. Perfumes & Aftershaves
2. Moisturisers
3. Anti-ageing Creams
4. Body Lotions
5. Designer Mascara

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