Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brits and Canadians Tie for Fifth Happiest

Britain has the fifth happiest population in the world, researchers have discovered.

A survey carried out across 30 nations found that almost one in three Britons is 'very happy' with the quality of life here.

Just seven per cent are disappointed with how their lives have turned out. Only those living in Australia, the US, Egypt and India are more upbeat.

It found that those in their 50s were the most downbeat, regardless of which country they were from. The most miserable population were the Hungarians.

Australia was the most cheerful nation, with 46 per cent of the population saying they were very happy.

This was followed by the Americans with 40 per cent. Britain shares the fifth happiest spot with Canada.

Source: The Daily Mail

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Jacqueline said...

Of course the Aussie's are happy....they seem to have a larger than normal export of men in drag.

All I'm saying is everytime I see a show that originated in Australia - there's a guy in dress.

And that is so wonderful I could just drop.