Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bethany Platt Starts School

Little Beth-ah-neh Platt has amazingly reached school age!

She survived kidnapping when she was just a few hours old by Kevin Webster’s ex-wife Allison who had just lost her own baby.

Next, a near-drowning in the Canal at the hands of Gail’s serial killer husband Richard Hillman.

This near-tragedy was followed by electrocution caused by faulty wiring at the Gay Todd-Sarah Platt-flat.

Her crazy granny Brenda Fearns dangled her from a church roof.

Finally, she lost her baby brother Billy.

What’s next?

(By the way, when is she going to start talking? Little Joshua Peacock is chattier than Bethany!)


John said...

She's actually kind of distracting to watch in a group scene because while the other characters are speaking with each other, she's either staring off-stage or directly at the camera.

Maybe the reason she doesn't get many lines is because she just isn't a very good actress.

Yes, I am now picking on a five year old girl.

dolphin818 said...

i luv bethany platt shes a litle angle and she is a cutey in corrie she is 1 of ma favorate soap actors
she is just sweet anyone agree

luv i luv mason xx

dolphin818 said...

anyone who disagrees wiv bethany platt needs da head sortin serously

luv i luv mason xx