Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Banger Awards

Brits are eating more bangers than ever - a staggering 189,000 tons of sausages are expected to be gobbled this year alone.

British Sausage Week is coming up October 24-30 and with it, the Banger Awards.

The Banger Awards are reserved for those who have shown dedication to the British Sausage.

If you know of someone who is fanatical about sausages and deserves to be recognized for their support, this is your chance to nominate them.

I suggest we nominate Fred Elliott en masse at
Or download this PDF nomination form.

It’s about time Fred was recognized for his contribution.

Don’t mention the Dracula Pies incident! I say, don’t mention the Dracula Pies!


Mona said...

Wow. Being a vegetarian, that grosses me out a bit!

GoBetty said...

If you are interested in a good sausage, as am I, go to the St. Lawrence Market, north side, also known as the Farmers' Market. On the right side (east side) of the building is El Gaucho sausages. They make brilliant sausages of all kinds, some "big English breakfast" types as well.
Varieties can be found there.