Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Adam Barlow

Those of you new to Coronation Street may be wondering about the new Scottish lad, Adam Barlow. Where did he come from all of a sudden? Why is he calling Mike Baldwin “dad?” Here then, is a little background on our Adam Barlow.

Adam is indeed the son of knicker factory owner Mike Baldwin.

Why, you ask, doesn’t Adam share the Baldwin surname then? And why is Adam calling Ken Barlow granddad?

Adam was born in 1988 but Mike Baldwin didn’t find out about him until 2001.

Mike Baldwin was married briefly to Susan Baldwin who was Ken’s daughter.

Susan found out she was pregnant with Adam after she’d walked out on her marriage to Mike. She kept the baby a secret from the family and raised Adam in Glasgow.

When Mike finally found out about his son, he demanded access to the boy. Susan was unwilling to make a deal and she attempted to flee to Ireland. Susan died in a car accident while speeding away from Glasgow. Adam survived the car crash despite injuries.

Mike battled Ken for custody of Adam. Adam moved in with his dad Mike, and Ken had access to see his grandson.

Eventually, Adam was packed off to boarding school in Scotland.

If all this is a bit confusing, here’s one more thing . . . Adam’s uncle is bigamist Peter Barlow (son of Ken Barlow.) Susan Barlow was Peter’s twin sister.

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