Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2nd Corrie Canuck Pub Night

We’re sexy, We’re cute! We’re popular to boot!
We’re bitchin', great hair! The boys all love to stare!
We’re wanted, We’re hot! We’re everything you’re not!
We’re pretty, we’re cool! We dominate this school!

Oh the Corrie Canuck group is unspeakably cool. You can’t touch us, really, we just that cool.

Oh jes people, oh jes…the Corrie pub night was a success! There were about 34 of us at The Feathers. This was a lovely place and we had a table reserved under the picture of Jack Duckworth.

Yeah, you heard me. Jack Freakin’ Duckworth. That’s what being an A-list group buys you in this town.

I’m happy to report that MJ is all that we could hope for and then some. She rocks the world in a huge way and wore her leopard skin jacket.

We also got to meet Go-Betty who I think I’ve convinced to come on board as co-author on Corrie Canuck. (If you haven’t checked out her Corrie Wrap up blog yet, please do. Then you’ll see why I’ve been itching to have her contribute to our spot.)

Speaking of Betty, she is going to take over the update responsibilities for me whilst I am away…starting….NOW! I think though that Go-Betty may have some reservations about this site, so for her benefit I would like to announce the seven words you can defiantly say on Corrie Canuck.

Fuck, Shit, Piss, Damn, Prick, Bitch…how many is that? Oh forget it, Go-Betty you can fucking swear on Corrie Canuck if you want.

And just to let you know, from this pub night there came some interest in a Robbie Burns night. I’ve been wanting to do a Robbie Burns night since time began, and there seems to be enough desire to eat haggis, listen to poetry and get horribly drunk that I think we can pull this off. Hopefully, I say, hopefully we can find a good butcher for haggis. Ye want fer naught.

Note to Mary – vis a vis my comments about redheads and 57 year olds. Let me quote Morrissey:

Oh, bigmouth, ha ha ... bigmouth, la
Bigmouth strikes again
I’ve got no right to take my place
In the human race

And now I know how joan of arc felt
Now I know how joan of arc felt, oh
As the flames rose to a roman nose


Pamer said...

Wow! I am in jealousy mode right now.

I mentioned this before But I will be in TO next Wednesday...November 2 or Thursday Novemeber 3 if anyone wants to get together. I will be trapped downtown at the ROYAL YORK but should be able to get around ok.

GoBetty said...

We could probably order a haggis from Cumberland Meats on Church St. or any fine butcher, with some advance notice. Maybe they could arrange one for us at The Feather.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the butchers tip. I knew there was some place, but I couldn't remember.

I think that I'll get our common room (which is very lovely) at our condo for the event as I think they'll be way more people than can fit in my wee place. (I've got a lot of scottish people).

Bonus: There's a theatre attached to the party room - perhaps a bit of Braveheart?

GoBetty said...

Or Gregory's Girl

Mona said...

Yay for quoting Morrissey!!!! I love that!:-)