Monday, October 31, 2005

Tommy, can you hear me?

Shocking! As per site spoilers policy, discuss tonight's events in the comments section.

Dec 6

Okay - I'm out very soon...but before I go...mark Dec 6th down.

45th anniversary of our favorite show.

I want to plan a big pub night here in Toronto.

Bye guys...i'll give Tromso your best!


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Deirdre Hunt-Langton-Barlow-Rachid-Barlow: The Next Generation

The torch, well, specs, have been passed.

Friday, October 28, 2005


i'm crying cause i'm not bette!

Which Corrie Character are you?

A cockney what?

Pillick? Pollick? What the HELL did Martin call Danny?

And I'm sorry, Martin gets some really creepy looks when he's pissed (Both forms of pissed-ness - either angry or drunk).

And what did Vera say to Maria? 'Shut your maudy mouth?'

I'm losing it. On Wednesday Maria and Tyrone had some exchange and I was completely lost. It might as well have been a freakin' episode of Eastenders.

Is there something wrong with me that I find Kev's sex appeal is going up the more he stands up to Sally.

Lasses in Glasses

The Ashley / Claire / Our Joshua / Fred storyline is a real bore. But isn't it great that Claire's about to become a tram driver due to the fact that Deirdre loaned her some glasses from the 1980's? Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

To Address Some Concerns in the Comment Section

Yeah, I think they'll be using two different actresses for the 'twins'.

I Think

I missed episode where Deirdre comes out of the closet.

I is Sad....

I don't know you who knows the upcoming plot with Mike Baldwin or not...

But the first hints of that storyline were shown last night and I am very sad.

Mike is such a lion on the street that I can't get my head around what they're going to do with him. My hubby says that he likes it because the show should be about reality.

Let's make the comment section of this posting open to all spoilers as I'd love to know your thoughts on this. (I will open with a comment that will let you know what I'm talking about if you are curious.)

For the rest of you DON'T read the comments section if you don't want to see info on upcoming Corries.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pamer Spotting

So our Pamer will be in Toronto Nov 2 and 3rd and would like to know if anyone wants to meet up.

Unfortunately, by the 2nd I'll be up to my elbows in Lutefisk and Vodka - so I'll let someone else arrange this one.

Welcome Me!

Hi Everyone,

I had a lovely time last night at The Feathers. Sorry I had to dash early... I was literally in bed and asleep about 25 minutes after leaving the pub. I'm very interested in any future gatherings including Robbie Burns / poetry reading / addressing / eating haggis, drinking, smoking, knitting, more Corrie, etc. Fun wrap-ups and observations are coming your way. Ta-ra,


2nd Corrie Canuck Pub Night

We’re sexy, We’re cute! We’re popular to boot!
We’re bitchin', great hair! The boys all love to stare!
We’re wanted, We’re hot! We’re everything you’re not!
We’re pretty, we’re cool! We dominate this school!

Oh the Corrie Canuck group is unspeakably cool. You can’t touch us, really, we just that cool.

Oh jes people, oh jes…the Corrie pub night was a success! There were about 34 of us at The Feathers. This was a lovely place and we had a table reserved under the picture of Jack Duckworth.

Yeah, you heard me. Jack Freakin’ Duckworth. That’s what being an A-list group buys you in this town.

I’m happy to report that MJ is all that we could hope for and then some. She rocks the world in a huge way and wore her leopard skin jacket.

We also got to meet Go-Betty who I think I’ve convinced to come on board as co-author on Corrie Canuck. (If you haven’t checked out her Corrie Wrap up blog yet, please do. Then you’ll see why I’ve been itching to have her contribute to our spot.)

Speaking of Betty, she is going to take over the update responsibilities for me whilst I am away…starting….NOW! I think though that Go-Betty may have some reservations about this site, so for her benefit I would like to announce the seven words you can defiantly say on Corrie Canuck.

Fuck, Shit, Piss, Damn, Prick, Bitch…how many is that? Oh forget it, Go-Betty you can fucking swear on Corrie Canuck if you want.

And just to let you know, from this pub night there came some interest in a Robbie Burns night. I’ve been wanting to do a Robbie Burns night since time began, and there seems to be enough desire to eat haggis, listen to poetry and get horribly drunk that I think we can pull this off. Hopefully, I say, hopefully we can find a good butcher for haggis. Ye want fer naught.

Note to Mary – vis a vis my comments about redheads and 57 year olds. Let me quote Morrissey:

Oh, bigmouth, ha ha ... bigmouth, la
Bigmouth strikes again
I’ve got no right to take my place
In the human race

And now I know how joan of arc felt
Now I know how joan of arc felt, oh
As the flames rose to a roman nose

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Last Reminder Toronto Peeps

Corrie Night - TONIGHT

The Feathers
962 Kingston Rd

7 pm


Monday, October 24, 2005

Just say "no" to factory work

Or, as they say in the North, "Nuyuuhh!"

News flash from the BBC: "Coronation Street" is putting British students off of a future in factory work, turned off by the soap's depiction of a unglamourous workplace ruled by chauvinistic bosses:

'Soap opera bosses like Coronation Street's Mike Baldwin are deterring teenagers from taking factory jobs, Welsh academics have claimed.

A report by the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (Newi) has blamed soap operas for giving factory work a poor image.

ITV's long-running soap Coronation Street was singled out for criticism by the institute.

Newi surveyed 200 teenagers in north Wales and north-west England.

The report, published on Monday, criticised soap operas on UK television as being full of "working-class people doing repetitive badly-paid work at the mercy of an autocratic sexist boss".

It said many students think manufacturing work is "boring, dirty and smelly".'

Link to original article.

Corrie Pub Night

Is DEFINATELY on Oct 25 - Tuesday.

I have no idea why the evite reminders would say the 26th. I do not love the evite sometimes.

The place is hte Feathers and all the info can be found here.

I'll try to get some kind of Corrie thing on the table so you konw where we are.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Thank God It's Jason.

Don't worry Pamer, we'll get some fem tottie up again soon.

UPDATE - Oct 20/05

Bizarre Love Angle

Sally and Martin? WTF?

I didn't know they were an item before...when her and kev were split. Hmmm, that's just weird and also,


Anyway, Tommy has it in his head that Martin and Sally are having an affair because he's seen Martin talking to her and GOING INTO HER HOUSE!!!

I hope my neighbours are just as vigilant in keeping tabs on me for the hubster.

He's already threatened Martin who is truly baffled.

Every Step You Take

Charlie has managed to split up Shel and Sunita by pretending he thought Shel was in on the dreaded scale scandal.

Shel went into a panic at the thought of losing Charlie and threw a fit at Sunita. Sunita tried to knock some sense into her, but in the end Shel told her she didn't want anything to do with her.

Charlie gives Shel a big hug and says something that one good thing came out of this - we now know we can't trust Sunita.

Well, thank GOD we've straightened that out! I always thought Sunita was a lying cow - you could soooooooo tell. you really could.

Baby, You Can Drive My Bus

Fred apparantly has sustainted a head injury that has him channelling the Connery 1970's Bond - where men are men and women do what they're told - with a swift slap on the bottom.

Neither Ashly nor Fred want Claire to go work for another family when she should be at home taking care of our Joshua. So Fred tells Ashley that Claire WANTS him to put his foot down about her working outside of the home and he needs to tell her that it's simply not on.

He did try to give her a talking to, but I think it was so insane that Claire couldn't actually hear what he was saying. In addition, his voice got so high that only Schmicheal could hear him anyway.

Claire promptly left for her nanny interview, but returned a short time after. She didn't go to the interview because on her way there, she saw an ad recruiting for bus drivers and decided to apply for this because.....

'It's been my dream ever since I was a little girl to drive a tram.'

Jacqueline raises a vodka toast to Claire and screams out, 'You go girl! You follow your champagne dreams!'


- Steve got divorce papers from Karen.
- Jason is insecure about 'sharing' Violet with Sean and Eileen.
- Sal needs to talk to Ian.
- Scooter continues to bring crap over to the Platts.
- Fred joined some card group with the golden agers.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome Aboard and Bon Voyage

Welcome Aboard

So the good news is that John (Shatnerian) jumped on board as co-author. Much applause.

Now's a good time to tell him that I lied about obligations to Corrie Canuck and I actually expect hourly postings with exciting Corrie content.

So John, please get busy.

Bast will also be joining us soon. (Don't worry dear, I wouldn't lie to you.)

Bon Voyage

On Nov 1st I'll be travelling overseas for a two week stay so I need someone to fill in for the Corrie updates.

Any takers?

This is especially important because I will have zero Corrie access for two weeks as I will be in Northern Norway.

I will have, however, access to the very, very popular Norwegian Soap, 'Pilestradet' - all about the daily going ons of the average Norwegian trying to make do on $83,000 US a year.

I'll be sure to provide a full report back on Gunnar, Lars and Nina - don't you worry possums!

(and ignore the fact that the flags in the back are actually Swedish...this was from the episode when the swedes came to town for the ski competition and were promptly defeated by Team Norway. Yeah...that's it.)

Snore Award....

Goes to last night's episode.

Sorry, I just was not impressed.

I can update without spoiling anyone's fun.

1) Ken and Deidre are still getting married
2) Tracey is still chasing Steve
3) Karen has still left Steve
4) Jason is still an incomprehensible brute.
5) Sean is still gay
6) Ashly and Claire still have 'mistuderstandings'
7) Scooter still brings Sarah and Bethany garbage as gifts
8) Charlie still psycho and giving menancing looks
9) Shell still a basket case.
10) Violet is still likeable.

That was it. Seriously.

So to make up for that, I've got a treat.

Way back Johnny B. sent me some totty pics for those of us that like the men-folk on Corrie.

I'll start posting them for you enjoyment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If I had a Million Dollars

I'd buy the whole collection.

Question of the Week.

I've noticed that Weatherfield is a place where people magically become younger, thinner versions of themselves.(I base this on the fact that Shel is supposed to be 140lb and our Deidre is suppose to be in her 40's.)

People also seem to be able to drink and smoke like crazed monkeys without any ill effects.

I think Corrie is where good soap opera fans go when they die.

If you lived on Corrie Street what magical transformations would you go through?

Myself, I'd be a hella rich, fabulous diva who was the ultimate gay icon. In that world I will remain 39 and vodka will pour freely out of my kitchen tap.

Of course, my beauty, strength and overall sex appeal will turn Charlie around. I will be the one woman able to tame his badass-ness.

Go on, tell us yours.

UPDATE for Oct 18, 2005

Give Him a Valentine's He'll Never Forget

It's Valentine's day on Corrie and Sal has decided to celebrate by telling Kev that she's shagging her boss.

It was brill, cause he was all dressed up, happy and ready for a night out on the town. He had that puppy excited about going out for 'walkies' look. You could practically hear his tail wagging. (I was kind of hoping she might also do it in front of girls, just to give it an extra touch of bad timing.)

In the end she decided not to and realized that the best way out of this mess is just to continue on with the affair with Ian.

She had already told Kev that she was in no mood for dinner and he went to drown his troubles at the Rover. Then up pops Sally, 'C'mon Kev, let's go now. Get yourself together.'

He looked like he might actually choke her right then and the whole Ian situation might get resolved in homicide anyway.

Charles in Charge

I'm not sure who I'm hating more at this point - Charlie or Shel.

What in the HELL is wrong with her?

He had set up this big do where she was going to get her final weigh in at the Rovers. She was 2lbs over and looked like she would have to be institutionalized. After saying that she didn't want to go ahead with the public weigh in, Charlie told her to basically suck it up and get it over with.

Meanwhile, Sunita changed the scale so that it was 2lbs lighter and when Shel got on, it was revealed that she reached her target.

Drinks all around, spa trips handed out, money given to charity and much groaning by Jacqueline.

Charlie found out that the scale had been changed and confronted Violet about it who told him that Sunita had changed it.

He then twirled his mustache, adjusted his stove top hat, wrapped his cape around him and set off to tie Sunita to a railway track somewhere.

My Heart Belongs to Deidre

Long story short...Tracey smacks some sense into Ken after he refuses to go to the Rovers with Deidre.

He rescues her from a night at the Rovers with Blanche and takes her out to propose in the rain - down on one knee nonetheless. (It reminded me of 'Say Anything' and the only thing that ruined it was when he broke a hip trying to get up again.)

Oh yeah, he also got a whack of valentines from the founding members of the 'Ken Barlow Geriatric Pussycat Fan Club'.


Steve got a valetines day card from Tracey and an anonymous one who he thought was from Karen. Turns out it was from Kelly. (WTF?). He thought she was making fun of him and got cross - then later went to apologize.

There's a confusing story with Chelsey buying Cilla a card on Les's behalf and then both Les and Cilla thinking it came from another man.

More interesting was the fact that he used Cilla's toothbrush on Schmicheal.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update - Oct 17, 2005

Okay - whew....

Websters Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

Sally, Sally, Sally....what kind of freakin' mess have you got yourself into?

Last week saw Rosie and Craig on the verge of 'doing it' because of the upcoming end of the world on March 17th. They were caught out by a condom in Craig's jacket and it soon discovered Rosie it got it from Sally's purse.

Sally came around asking Tommy not to say anything to Kev about the condom - and - well it doesn't take a degree in sneakology to know something's up and Tommy has let Sally know that he knows as much.

Then we see Ian's ex-secretary comes in like the Mistress of Christmas Past to warn Sally of Ian's track record with secretaries/bits on the side. 'Women are just like cars to him, each year a new model....each year a new model....each yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.....'

So the last we see of the Websters has Sally bawling her eyes in complete breakdown mode out whilst Kev tries to comfort her about the 'difficult customer' she had that day.

Two notes

#1 - Sophie is really funny. The Queen Victoria bit cracked me up. I'm hoping the new actress means she will get more coverage on the street.

#2 - So Kev was in the Rovers and says somethign about going home to spend time with his wife (wink wink nudge nudge) to which Tommy says, 'If it pleases her.' Then Kev lets out this very macho guffaw like, 'Oh, don't you worry mate, it pleases her.'

Whoa Kev - who knew you had it in you? You tiger you! Grrrrrraow!

Jacqueline dips her hand into her glass and sprinkles cold water over her face.

Scooter Does a Body Good

What's up with this guy? I'm not quite sure if he's a good thing or just weird.

He is intent on turning the Tilsey/Platts back yard into some kind of junk yard amusement park.

Can we expect to see the 'Weird Homes' crew visiting in the near future?

Dude, Where's My Schmeical?

Cilla was good enough to go get the dog from the 'kidnappers' by herself and we see her rushing off with 250 shoved down her sisters.

Boy and Dog are reunited but Fizz is suspicious. She's even more suspicious when she finds an newspaper with more holes than Les's underwear.

1 + 1 = Cilla's a bag who made up the ransom herself.

So Fizz demands the money back or else she'll tell Chesney what's up...Cilla agrees and even throws in some footwear to 'boot'.

(AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Jacqueline cracks herself up.)

BTW the water stained home needs a visit from HGTV too. Maybe they can get a 2-4 with the Websters house of smoke.

My Fair Deidre

Last week Ken proposed to Deidre.

This week he told her how the marriage makes good economic sense with his pension, will, etc.

She told to jump in the lake that if he wasn't marrying her for love, she didn't want to get married.

Jacqueline is baffled by this reasoning....he clearly asked you to marry you in the throws of sentiment, he's been living with you for god knows how long...and you are dumping him because he's taking care of your financial issues? Call me Zsa-Zsa, but that just makes him all the more of a catch.

Funniest Corrie Line this year?

Deidre, 'I know I'm on the wrong side of 40?'

Yes, 51 usually is considered the wrong side of 40.

Three Stone In a Fountain

Charlie is so messed up.

He's telling her that weight doesn't matter. (AND Cieran - you are now the sexiest man on the show for the 'she's got a smashing figure' comment)

He's taking her out for pizza

He's telling her that the hard part will be to keep the weight off.

Oh just stop already!

Corrie Canucklehead MJ is on Hols

Je suis en vacances.

MJ is on vacation.

I’ll see you back here at Corrie Canuck on November 1st.


Jack Duckworth Drank Here

Yes, it’s true! Bill Tarmey (our Jack Duckworth) dropped in for a pint at The Feathers in Toronto. There's a photo of Jack on the wall of the pub. I’ll point it out if you come on down to . . .

Toronto Corrie Canuck Pub Nite!

Reminder to mark your calendars.

Tuesday, October 25

The Feathers
962 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416. 694. 0443


Only one more week!

I’m travelling approximately 4,500 km to get to pub nite so I hope to see you there.

Get there early before you find me looking like this . . . . .

Mmmmm . . . Chocolate Coronation Street

Combine your love of chocolate with Coronation Street at Cadbury World in Bournville, Birmingham.

Image via Fiona’s Travels and Adventures

Monday, October 17, 2005

Guess who

Sorry I couldn't get a bigger pic...

Which Corrie star is this?

Update for Week of Oct 10.

So last week had me out and about on the town...and thus, unable to watch Corrie each day.

No problem says I, I'll just watch 5 hours on Sunday and then write up something. was freaking Clockwork Weatherfield.

Now, I like Corrie as much as the next person, but for the last 18 hours I've jumped at the site of pubs, go into the fetal position at the mention of tea and cross the street when I see a Great Dane walking towards me.

So with that pumpkins, you might have to just go here for your update (only read the first week).

I don't want to 'incernerate' anything, but perhaps the Corrie marathons are a bit much.

Highlight -

Each time I think I found the role model for my senior years, Blanche brings home a new friend.

At with that, I endeavour to become Lena 2045.

'Don't bring that baby near me, I tend to drop them!'

Deidre:'That has alocohol in it.' Lena:'Then there is a god.'

Anyway have no fears, I'll be back with updates this week.

'Look, I have ONE job on this lousy ship. It's STUPID, but I'm gonna do it, OKAY?" (Bouns points to the first person who can name that movie.)

Another Weatherfield Wannabee

Jackie Collins, famous for her saucy rompathon novels, is desperate to become the latest big-name to star in Coronation Street.

The raunchy author, whose works include The Bitch, The Stud, Thrill! and Lethal Seduction, has claimed that Corrie is the soap she loves the most.

And now she wants to be a part of the Weatherfield action.

No word yet on whether or not the Corrie bosses will take her offer seriously.

If she doesn’t get the part, she can always fall back on her novels. How about “Weatherfield Wives” for starters?

Corrie Canuck reported previously on her sister Joan Collins’ Corrie snub. Joan turned down a role on Coronation Street because “soap acting is hard work.”

Just to Clarify...

If you want to become an author on Corrie Canuck there's in no mandatory posting involved.

I'm thinking that maybe some of you are worried that if you sign up there's a minimum requirement for posting.

Absolutely not, if you want to post once a year or whenever the mood strikes you, that's fine.

Let myself be an example, I created the damn site and I get lazy ass about posting.

Wendi Peters

Our Cilla in real life.

Pretty, non?

Why do I think she'd be great in a remake of 'Shirley Valentine'?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Corrie 2050

From our John.

Original article can be found here.

'Ken-inator' is star of Corrie in 2050
By Donna Watson

A SPECIAL one-off episode of Coronation Street showing it in the year 2050 has been produced to celebrate ITV's 50th anniversary - and Ken Barlow is still in the soap.

The futuristic show features many of the current characters and has Ken marrying his NINTH wife.

It is due to be aired at a glitzy anniversary bash in Manchester in December. And although there are no plans for it to air on our TV screens, bosses at Granada have not ruled it out.

The spoof transports many of the much-loved Corrie characters into bizarre plotlines.

Top of the bill is Ken, who becomes"Kendroid", a spoof of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator.

In 2050, Ken is married to current soap starlet Tina O'Brien as Sarah-Lou Platt - a matronly 68-year-old.

But Ken still can't forget his one true love, Deirdre. In the episode, he keeps her skull on the bar of the Rovers Return - complete with her trademark sexy specs.

Meanwhile, Jack Duckworth, played by Bill Tarmey, has won the lottery and used his winnings to clone wife Vera 14 times.

It means he's got a Vera for every occasion - whether it be as cook, cleaner, or just a drinking partner - keeping actress Liz Dawn busy.

Street loudmouth Cilla Brown has become addicted to plastic surgery with extreme results, while Rovers stalwart chef Betty looks exactly the same - as the show reveals that her hotpot has amazing anti-ageing powers.

And warring characters Eileen Grimshaw and Gail Platt are STILL squabbling over men, even on their walking frames.

A Corrie spokesman said: "It's not been made as a transmittable item, itwas just a bit of fun for the ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations and the results really are hilarious.

"The cast came in specially to film it and it was made for internal viewing at Granada, probably to be shown at our anniversary dinner in December.

"But we're certainly not ruling out that the public will eventually see it."

The 2050 action is all set within Weatherfield pub the Rovers Return, which was kitted out in space-age style with funky red seats, orange and chrome stools and Perspex tables

Suranne Jones Channels Madonna

Suranne in Madonna drag

What song would you choose as Karen McDonald’s theme song? My money’s on “Material Girl.”

Suranne’s Smitten

Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald) has fallen for one of her West End co-stars.

The former Coronation Street actress is said to be "totally smitten" with Dan Fredenburgh, who she stars alongside in a production of A Few Good Men.

"Hardly a day goes by now when Dan and Suranne are not together," one friend told The People.

Jones has previously dated Jonathan Wrather, who played her lover Joe Carter in Corrie, as well as ex-EastEnders actor Marc Bannerman.

The Banger Awards

Brits are eating more bangers than ever - a staggering 189,000 tons of sausages are expected to be gobbled this year alone.

British Sausage Week is coming up October 24-30 and with it, the Banger Awards.

The Banger Awards are reserved for those who have shown dedication to the British Sausage.

If you know of someone who is fanatical about sausages and deserves to be recognized for their support, this is your chance to nominate them.

I suggest we nominate Fred Elliott en masse at
Or download this PDF nomination form.

It’s about time Fred was recognized for his contribution.

Don’t mention the Dracula Pies incident! I say, don’t mention the Dracula Pies!

More Gail Totty

Betcha can’t look away.

Coronation Street Cross-Addictions

I confess a cross-addiction to EastEnders. And Pamer has revealed that he’s started watching Emmerdale although he says, “To my credit, it was only a couple of episodes and I didn't inhale.”

What about you? Fess up to your Corrie cross-addictions.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chesney Meets the Queen

left to right: Liz Dawn (Vera), Sam Aston (Chesney), Wendi Peters (Cilla)

Corrie favourite Chesney met the Queen and she asked if his parents were as bad as Street mum Cilla.

Actor Sam Aston, 12, joined a host of celebrities at a gala evening to celebrate 50 years of ITV.

After meeting the Queen, Sam, who later presented her with a posy of flowers, said: "I just said, `Evening, your majesty', and she asked me if I was in Coronation Street and I said `yeah, I was'.

"She was told I played Chesney and she asked my mum and dad if they were better than Cilla.

"It was amazing. She's the Queen of England. I was like, `Oh my God'."

Liz Dawn, who plays Vera Duckworth, was one of the first to greet the Queen.

She said: "It was just so amazing. The Queen said she can't believe Coronation Street has been running for 45 years and asked when the anniversary for that was."

Source: Manchester Evening News

I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear

If we can’t get Gail Platt into her clothes, we can send her here . . . . .

HUNDREDS of clubbers are descending on the UK's only nude disco every Saturday night.

The craze for letting it all hang out on the dance floor is pulling in punters to South Central in Kennington Lane.

Clubbers have to wear shoes to protect their feet in case of smashed glass but the only pants to be seen in the whole place belong to the bar staff.

Even the DJ is naked behind his decks, though fully clothed bouncers are stationed outside to stop clothed clubbers stumbling in unawares.

Jamie Rocket, 29, who helps organize the Starkers! night, said naked clubbing was an exhilarating experience.

He said: "When people are naked they can feel inhibited or exposed but when everyone is the same that disappears.

"Some people like the way it feels, some people like being looked at and some people like the view.

"A lot of it grew out of that clubbing generation in the 1990s which had the philosophy of being free and at one with the crowd.

"All kinds of people come along, men, women, singles, couples, gay, straight. It's open to everyone."

And for any male clubbers worried about the temperature taking its toll on their manhood, the venue boasts "excellent heating".

Source: icSouthLondon

Attention Corrie Canuck Readers in Calgary

A message from Corrie Canuck reader Bast:

Any Calgarians in the blogosphere, the Calgary Street Talkers (the Coronation Street club) will be meeting as usual (3rd Sat. of the month) at the Kensington Road Legion (NW). If we're lucky, we'll get to play "Corst" again (our own special brand of bingo, where the characters' photos take the place of the numbers.) See you there?

Help Gail Get Dressed

If you dared to view yesterday’s ‘Toxic Totty’ link, you know that Gail Platt really needs to cover up. So why not help her out with this Gail Paper Doll?

images via Gail’s Gail Hillman Paper Doll

Totty Trio

For those who found yesterday’s ‘Toxic Totty’ too hard on the eyes, this should make up for it.

left to right: Samia Smith, Nikki Sanderson, Tina O'Brien

Friday, October 14, 2005

hello anonymous

Someone's sent me an email about a photo they would like posted.

Unfortunately, I can't respond back because the email addy is anonymous.

You can send me another email to glacia at gmail dot com - and we'll get you set up.


Toxic Totty

The link in this posting contains viewer-sensitive material. Therefore, I provide the following disclaimers:

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Tina Takes a Tumble

Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt) has done a Madonna — and tumbled off a horse.

She suffered bruising and shock after her mount bolted in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

A source at the stables says: "Tina was really looking forward to the lessons, but her horse went crazy. Tina's only 5ft 1in, and she was thrown off quite hard. Tina ended up with bruises but it could have been far worse.”

Tina was given riding lessons at stables for her 22nd birthday by actor boyfriend Ryan Thomas (our Jason Grimshaw) 21.

Madonna, 47, suffered a broken collarbone, three cracked ribs and a fractured hand when she fell in August.

Top 20 Chippies

Twenty fish and chip shops across the UK have made it through to the next stage of the National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year Competition after being announced the best in their area.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Choice Is Obvious

For which Scot-Can should get shipped over.

But I forgot...MJ that researching genius found his premier appearance in the CBC vaults.

Coronation Street Keith’s Guy.
(Scroll down a wee bit when you get on to this page.)

Too bad James Doohan is no long with us...then we could get the Scot-Can/Corrie Street/Star Trek triple hit!

The Kumars Meet Corrie

Imagine what would happen if The Kumars moved to Coronation Street!

I think this photo of Granny Kumar with Suranne Jones (our Karen) says it all.

Listen Up All You Skint Blokes

Money’s not important to Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow) when it comes to romance. “I’d be far happier in a rowing boat on Lake Windermere with the right man than with the wrong one on a luxury liner,” she says.

Queen to Join ITV 50th Celebrations

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will join a host of ITV celebrities at a reception to mark the channel's 50th anniversary.

A glitzy dinner is taking place at London's Guildhall, which was the location of the channel's first broadcast in September 1955.

Ant and Dec, Chris Tarrant, and stars from Coronation Street, Emmerdale and The Bill are all expected to attend the celebrations.

ITV went on air at 7.15pm on September 22, 1955, with a broadcast for the London region and a Guildhall banquet in honour of its birth.

The network emerged after the 1954 Broadcasting Bill gave birth to the Independent Television Authority and allowed a commercial channel to compete with the BBC.

On that first evening, viewers saw the Halle Orchestra playing Elgar's Cockaigne Suite and part of Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnest.

The launch also saw the broadcast of the country's first commercial at 8.12pm, an advert for Gibbs SR toothpaste.


Freedom of Liverpool for ITV

IT'S not often that Liverpool pays homage to Manchester, but age-old rivalries were buried this week when Corrie stars accepted the Freedom of Liverpool on behalf of Granada TV.

Corrie veteran Bill Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, Jennie McAlpine (Fizz) and Pauline Flemming (Penny King) were given the accolade by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool in a ceremony at the city's town hall.

The honour, to celebrate ITV's 50th birthday, is the highest a city can bestow.

In previous years the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society and Liverpool and Everton football clubs have been granted the freedom of the city.

News source: Manchester Evening News

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Those of Us of the Haggis Eating Persuasion

Ethnically, I'm a mutt...but in sensibility, every day is an exercising in channelling my grandmother's Roman Calvinist soul.

So from the Wee Book of Calvin, I discovered a very key part of my emotional make-up and why if I were Tommy the sheer pain of my glares would have broken Martin down into an emotional cripple by now.

'You value your fathomless propensity for harbouring a grudge over years, decades or a lifetime, perceiving a form of beauty in the ability to recall a slight or act of wrong-doing against you by an adversary who may have been unconscious of the act which he or she has long forgotten. Nevertheless, you value your ability to distil the memory of this act over time, allowing it to dominate your perception of the individual concerned, who may find you unaccountably reserved or even hostile. Your response to the individual is dominated by a memory of which the individual is unaware but which you have nurtured and perfected to the extent that the individual becomes nothing more or less than the memory of a grudge.'

Anyone else out there who understands this? All my kilt wearing corrie canucks raise your hands in the air and say, 'Aye!'

Let's get a petition together for Scot on Weatherfield. I'm seeing a pensioner who lives completely off of oats or a soccer hooligan.


Post your caption in the comments section for this photo of Ken and his fancy piece Wanda.

Question of the Week

I like Tommy.

I'm sorry - except for his occassional 'provincial' comments, I generally like Tommy. (And perhaps I find him a bit hot.)

But besides that I think my reaction to the whole Martin/Katy thing would probably be dead on to his. (But then again, the Scot in me cherishes and nurtures grudges for inhuman periods of times.) I'm not too proud to say that everytime I looked at Martin, I'd get pissed all over again.

Here's my question to you all.

If you were Tommy or Angela, how would you handle the fact that your 36 year old neighbour has moved is romantically invovled with your 16 year old daughter. (Be honest.)

1) Be pissed, all the time.
2) Seek a quiet revenge
3) Accept the situation knowing that they will eventually break up and you'll need to be there to pick up the pieces.
4) Drink heavily.

Mystery Photo

Who’s this Coronation Street character? Post your answers in the ‘comments’ section.

Suranne’s Awards Are In The Loo

Source: OK! Magazine. October 4, 2005

Terms of Endearment

Jack to Vera:

“Hello my little Aberdeen Angus.”

Ferret Fashion

Ferret World, reputedly Britain's only ferret accessory shop, is facing the threat of legal action after daring to advertise clothing for the cuddly little animals purporting to be "in the famous Burberry design".

Read all about it in The Telegraph.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm Still Picking Cranberry Sauce Out of My Hair

Happy post-Turkey day one and all.

The debate at our home is always how veggie we can be - can we forgo the annual turkey? And each year the answer is no.

So needless to say, I'm noshing on turkey leg as I type this.

I was lax on the Friday update and I can only blame the vodka.

Regardless, I think the biggest gossip is freakin' Charlie. When Dev found out about him overcharging for the contract work, he canned Charlie's sad ass.

Charlie needless to say was feeling a bit low and needed to cheer himself up by blaming someone else for his actions. He had to think long and hard...surely someone ELSE was responsible for him losing the job.


Hang on....

Hey, Shel! That's right - Shel is to blame because she obviously told Sunita who told Dev about the overcharging.

In one of the most disgusting scenes of the year, Charlie critized Shel for taking the earrings that he had purchased with money earned from his business - then he RIPPED the earrings from her ears! Mr. Glacia was yelling at the telly (Which was odd because you know, according to him he never pays attention to that damn show.)

They did their usual kissy make up which was gross - especially how Shel did this 'we're soulmates' schtick.

On Friday we saw Charlie decide to help out Shel with her diet. He decided to put up a chart in the pub to mark her progress and would make a donation to some charity for every pound (or whatever) Shel lost.

Jacqueline started throwing pie at the telly.

I don't know if I really dig this story line. This is getting a bit to reality television for me.

Corrie has always prided itself on having 'real' story lines - but sometimes I find it's too real. Babies dying and domestic violence really get me down. Anyone else get like this?

Author, Author

It would seen that our readership has increased and I'd like to send out a reminder to one and all that anyone is welcomed to become co-author of Corrie Canuck.

We love audiance participation and would love, love, love for more people to join in the fun with posting articles. (And I'm thinking here that sharp eyed Blaine might be someone good to add to the mix. And what about our PAMER?)

If you are interested, please send me an email at glacia at gmail dot com and I'll set you up. (FYI - you will need a blogger account, but that's no biggie.)

Also, if you want me to list your website/blog under 'Constant Readers', please also let me know. I have an idea of where some of you are, but I don't want to link without permission.

Where In The World Are You From? (Part Deux)

photo via Bob & Linda’s Photo Gallery

Back in September, Corrie Canuck asked our readers to tell us what part of the world they live in.

So far we’ve heard from Sudbury; Guelph; Montreal; Toronto; East Hants, Nova Scotia; Liverpool, Nova Scotia; Northern British Columbia; and Detroit, Michigan.

G’won the rest of you lot. Tell us your town or city.

Bethany Platt Starts School

Little Beth-ah-neh Platt has amazingly reached school age!

She survived kidnapping when she was just a few hours old by Kevin Webster’s ex-wife Allison who had just lost her own baby.

Next, a near-drowning in the Canal at the hands of Gail’s serial killer husband Richard Hillman.

This near-tragedy was followed by electrocution caused by faulty wiring at the Gay Todd-Sarah Platt-flat.

Her crazy granny Brenda Fearns dangled her from a church roof.

Finally, she lost her baby brother Billy.

What’s next?

(By the way, when is she going to start talking? Little Joshua Peacock is chattier than Bethany!)

Philip Bretherton

Bretherton as Ian Davenport in Coronation Street

I’m posting this observation from Corrie Canuck reader Blaine McDuane as it was hidden away in the comments section and you may have missed it.

Has anyone noticed that the actor who plays Sally's boss is none other than the fellow who appeared on the hugely popular Brit-com, As Time Goes By, starring Dame Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer?

The actor in question portrayed Alistair, a wealthy book publisher who published My Life in Kenya (Palmer's character, Lionel's, memoirs about his African coffee plantation) and subsequently put Lionel on the road to Hollywood fame(?) by getting him to write an autobiographical TV series script about his much-delayed romance with Judy Dench's character, Jean. Got that?

Bretherton (right) as Alistair in As Time Goes By

Unlike our reader Blaine, I have more lowbrow television tastes as you all know by now. I remember Philip Bretherton from Footballers' Wives where he played the role of head coach Stefan Hauser. (If you haven’t already seen Footballers' Wives, be sure to tune in next time Showcase has reruns. It’s trash TV at its finest.)

Bretherton as Stefan Hauser in Footballers' Wives

It turns out that Ian Davenport isn’t Bretherton’s first Coronation Street role. In 1977 he appeared as Rod, a bloke who tried to pick up Gail and her mate Suzie. (First Gail, now Sally. No comment.)

Bretherton appeared on Corrie again in 1991 as dentist Robert Weston.