Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yesterday in Canadian History

Yea, oh, yea it was very important day in the series of events that make this country true, north and free.

#1 – First black Governor General –evah - is installed.

#2 – First Corrie Canuck Pub night – evah – is held.

Both events were held in Canada, both advanced and enriched the culture and identity of this country and both were dominated by some very cool chickie-poos.

But since I could only attend the Corrie evening, I will answer the burning question on everyone's minds, 'How was it'?

I regret to inform you that it was a complete freakin’ BLAST!

I got to the Duke a little late and was shocked to see it was packed to the rafters. I forgot that it’s in the heart of the entertainment district and everyone was there for pre-Les Mis meals.

So I was a tad worried because there was no available hostess, I wasn’t sure if they had got my reservations, had anyone shown up yet, I didn’t know what anyone looks like (‘ceptin’ Radmila), etc., etc.

I creeped forward to see if I could find anyone looking like they might be the type of person who would enjoy sitting around the television and watching the goings on of Weatherfieldians. Then I noticed that the lady who came in the same time I did was doing the same thing.

So I asked her if she was looking for a group and bada bing bada boom – it was Lisa from Scarberia!

Okay – people, I’m going on record as saying this woman is unspeakably cool. She has some really amazing stories to tell (my favorite being her Stones concert experience – both of them.) We found out that we live freakishly parallel lives including that we grew up in neighbouring towns in BC at the same time. (Me – Surrey – class of 84. Lisa – Delta – class of 85). Weird, non? I could tell you all the other co-incidences, but it would take up most of my workday. Suffice to say, one of us would share a bit of info and the other would enviably say, ‘No! You’re not going to believe this, but MY middle name is Astrid too!)

So we chatted for maybe 15 minutes about the show and then in true Corrie fashion enjoyed our dinner (Fish and Chips - such an indulgence!) , our bevvies (she’s a screwdriver lady and I stuck to Strongbow), and tons of gossipy information about our lives.

We didn’t hook up with anyone else from Corrie - and my sincere apologies if you came and couldn’t find us. The place was really crazy until about 7:45 and the staff were being run off their feet. I did leave reservations about our group being there, but I’m suspecting the staff were really too busy to communicate that around. (Side note – the lesson learned here is if I’m going to book the Duke again – I book it for 8 when the place is quieter.)

So it was Lisa and I who made the core corrie group, but we were joined by Mr.Jacqueline and my friend Rachel who is super cool and used to watch Corrie about 8 years ago.

Now for your viewing enjoyment – Les Pictures

Jacqueline and Lisa

And we drank (hands courtesy of Mr. Jacqueline and Rachel)

And we ate

Burp! Oh – excuse me.

All in all a FABULOUS time and I’m very much looking forward to the next pub night.

Question – what do the Toronto people think of a monthly pub night? Too much?

I’m also sending a challenge to other Corrie Canucksters across the land to set up their own pub nights. It’s totally worth it.


Lisa of Scarberia said...

What can I say? I discovered this blog a few days ago and within 72 hours I had hooked up with the amazing Jacqueline.
I arrived just after 7 to a packed pub and was not looking forward to asking the few hundred peeps- are you here for Corrie? Way daunting but within a few minutes I found someone as dazed and confused looking as I was. We did the secret handshake, spun around three times and chanted "There's no place like Corrie" repeatedly to be followed by the requisite carb & grease feast.
Parallel lives- you bet. You wanna know more about my Stones story... come on down next month. I bet that we can double our numbers next month- big stretch I know. Thanks chickie for a great night- your husband and friend Rachel were lots of fun as well. Looking forward to more stories and the next get-together.

MJ said...

Surrey girls and Delta girls. A party waiting to happen. And it looks like it did!

St. Dickeybird said...

A couple of years ago, a pub at Queen & Tecumseh (in Toronto) had Coronation St Sundays. They'd record the broadcast, then play at 11am, when you could get a pint.

Unfortunately the pub closed...

Jacqueline said...

Damn! I live 2 blocks away from there!