Monday, September 12, 2005

Whatever Happened to Lee Boardman?

Lee Boardman played Weatherfield's psycho drug dealer Jez Quigley. (Leanne Battersby’s coke supplier.) Jez was the reason our Jim McDonald went to jail. Steve McDonald testified against Jez (long story) and in return, Jez’s heavies laid a beating on Steve. Along comes Jim who then laid a beating on Jez, which landed Jez in same hospital as Steve (are you still with me?) Jez tried to kill Steve in hospital but Jez died of the injuries inflicted by Jim. Jim was sent to the slammer for 8 years, charged with manslaughter.

In 2001, Lee Boardman married former Corrie star Jennifer James who played barmaid Geena Gregory (former flame of Dev Alahan) . . .

Jennifer and Lee

Now Lee appears as gang leader and horse trader Timon in HBO’s Rome.

For more on Corrie character Jez Quigley, visit The Sexy Psycho Jez Factor.


Anonymous said...

I always thought that Jim was not guilty, seeing as how Jez actually keeled over from the exertion of
attempting to smother helpless Steve with a pillow.

I'm sure Maya could have got Jim off with a good plea bargain and a packet of matches.

Anonymous said...

Was he the dude who wanted to schtoop Atia on Rome last night? I think I saw his ass... I really didn't need to see that!

stevie wonder said...

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