Thursday, September 08, 2005

Update Sept 7 - and a Central Perk moment

Okay - so maybe I was the ONLY person who didn't clue in... Maria and Kirk are siblings?

See, I didn't watch the show when they came on and most of the time I watch now I'm kind of drunk anyway, so I never picked up on that until last night.

I guess Fred lost the butcher shop to Mike in a poker game during hte episode I missed. So there was a lot of drama a the Elliot/Peacock home. Ashley went and pleaded with Mike for the shop, Fred offered money instead of the shop - all of which Mike ignored and demanded the shop.

So Fred had the contract drawn up and Mike came over to collect it. Just before he took the contract, he lit up a celebratory cigar (then Claire called him evil) - and after lighting the cigar he burned up the contract and told Fred that he wouldn't hold him to the bet if he promised to drop the 'Penny' issue.

One of Blanche's friends has moved in with them while her flat is being treated for termites.

I loved this lady - she chased Ken around like a love sick puppy, carried her husband's ashes around in a cookie jar and after drinking all the sherry in the house, she mistakenly started in on the balsamic vinagear. (I see this as Jacqueline circa 2046).

Anyway, it was discovered that there was no termite problem in her house and that she just wanted to be part of the Barlow family because they were so lovely. (Just HOW lonely was this woman?)

Maria dumped Tyrone for a date with some dude she met on Vacay after he had bought tickets to some function with Jamie (or Warren - can't keep them straight). When she threw him over, he told her that they were over and stormed out.

So Maria's date David (what accent was that btw? Welsh?) comes by with the 'I lost my wallet' song and dance and asks Maria if he can borrow money for her and give it back after he sees his mate the next day. (Hands up who would have told him to jump in the lake.)

So she took money out of the shop till and of course, they have a fight half way through the date and he's off with 200 quid.

Maria of course is in a panic and tries to drum up the money somehow before Audrey finds out. Leanne overhears Maria talking to Kirk and tells Tyrone about her problem.

In one scene, where Maria is trying to prevent Audrey from going to the till, Audrey makes mention how Maria should grab Mr. Right when he comes along even if he's not wrapped up in the package she would imagine.

Prophetic words indeed, because later that day a envelope comes in the mail for Maria. The money she needs - from Tyrone.



MJ said...

Yes, Maria is Kirk's sister. That's why she hasn't slept with him. Yet.

I'm loving the Wanda/Ken storyline. It's good to see something get Ken up and moving.

John said...

I do sort of like the character Ken has become: this left-leaning, intellectually minded old guy who nobody really listens to.

And Blanche Hunt is as funny as ever. "She's always been jealous of me. I was the pretty one."

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Ken always like that? :)

How about Sally and the new job plot? I have always detested Sally, altho long-time watchers tell me she used to be nice.

Did you see how she didn't even greet Angela, who I think is a sweetie.

It's clear Tommy hates her guts, which somehow Kevin doesn't have a problem with. (He never says "Oi Tommy, that's my wife you're insulting." Sadly, he never tells Sally to shut up either.)

Can't wait to see the Executive Sally model.

Lets start a pool to see who runs away from Exec Sal first: Kevin, the kids, or the unsuspecting folks at her new office?

John said...

As long as I've been watching, Ken's been like that. But there was a Corrie special recently that had him as a 70's Lounge Lizard, wearing these awful leisure suits and romancing Joanna Lumley.

Executive Model Sally will surely give us even more reasons to hate her, just you watch.

Jacqueline said...

Joanna Lumley....the star...! Love her, touch her!

(Sorry - I'm a BIT of a fan.)

BTW - Sally is REALLY sweet in Classic Corrie.