Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Update Sept 5

I am short term memory girl.....

Dev and Sunita
Dev and Sunita are trying to adjust - but Sunita - rightfully so - is as jittery as a jitterbug doing the jitterbug. Haley rings her flat and Sunita drops a vase and starts freaking out.

She tells Dev about this and how it's never going to be over and how Maya will alwasy be able to get to them. Dev tries to re-assure her, but she's not having any of it.

I can see how you wouldn't feel safe after someone ties you up to a oven and sets your house on fire - and then tries to run you over. Yeah, I'd be a tad jumpy.

Anyway, her mom suggest that they spend some time at her place - which they accept.

No word on Maya condition - perhaps she is like Rasputin and you just can't kill her crazy ass.

I can't remember what episode it was, but don't Les and Cilla sneak into the burnt out shop to see if they can lift some goods. I think that's a new low.

Tracey is crying tears over the fact that Karen is pregnant. Grandma sets her straight by telling her not to use the babies to get Steve back - to forget about it. Deidre says the same thing but in a much more 'enabling' manner.

Liz is flip flopping between Karen's baby and Amy. This is causing much stress for Tracey.

Ken tells them all to grow the hell up.

Sean and Kelly
After Danny tells her to get Sean back to work and make up with him or else lose her job - she goes and does some song and dance to Sean about how she really likes him, and she only acted so horribly because she was embarrassed by what she had done.

Sean, don't believe it - you can have better friends.

But despite my warnings, he believes it and goes back to work.

Ah Charlie....you're a jerk. Shelly ....you're a twit. It's the same song and dance.

Some harsh words for Charlie on the Corrie boards. Specifically that he looks like a muppet with his skinny ass mouth. That everytime he licks his lips and smirks, it creeps one writer out.

But he is still looking good to me. But let's face it, he's just a sex symbol, like Pamer.

However, I think we can all testify that Pamer knows how to treat a woman well - unlike Charlie Barley.

(still....the short hair cut...grrrrrrrwaw.)


MJ said...

I've been waiting 'til someone besides me noticed the constant Charlie lip-smacking. And he's a close rival with Maya for the smirking. Is there a smirking school for soap actors? Why is Corrie churning out so many smirkers?

And why isn't Sean heeding our warnings about Kelly? Surely he can hear me yelling at the TV!

Ginny said...

I always thought Charlie looked a bit like a frog chowing down on some yummy flies with those smacking lips.

Pamer said...

poor Charlie, he is powerless against a force such as me