Monday, September 26, 2005

Update Sept 26, 2005

The first part of the show was a bit uneventful as it was the New Year's show and was shot entirely at the Rovers.

Really, the entire show had everyone reviewing the past year, reminiscing and reflecting on those issues that affect all of us. You know, being taken to court, almost losing your entire fortune to a fake mail order bride, having your fiance come out of the closet and having an attempt made on your life above your husband's burning corner shop.

Just regular old stuff that happens to all of us at somepoint.

Adam Barlow showed up which hurt Jacqueline's brain as she tried to remember who the hell this kid is. (Ken's grandson Mike's son by Susan Barlow (ken's daughter) - simple non?)

The most exciting part of this episode was the Canadian Tire commercial. C.T. lady was there, but not C.T. guy. Where is he? Did he find out that she's having it off with the Lillydale chef?

The next episode has Jamie called up for soccer on January 1st. He's still drunk from the night before and Warren has to come to the rescue to get his act together.

Jamie and family make it to the game where he spends most of the game on the bench. I think he's on the field at the end for like 3 minutes and has no chance to score.

The best part of the game is when Adam tries to figure out if he's Warren's uncle. Adam...we don't know where you are on the human family tree.

Charlie does some sweet talking with Shel about the dress and all is forgiven. He even comes back to her with a new dress in her size as a peace offering. She's so touched that she returns the dress and comes back with one 2 sizes too small in order to give herself incentive to lose weight.

Jacqueline opens up the third bag of cheezies of the night. She even wipes her hands on her jeans in orangy smug delight.

Other surpising events:
> Tracey chases after Steve!
> Sally brags!
> Les and Cilla argue!


MJ said...

Poor Eileen was catching hell from all ends. Flippin' Sally Webster called Eileen a "wage-slave" while lording her new management position over her and suggesting it takes more brains do suck up to her boss Ian than to answer the phones at Streetcars. Then Gail has a go at Eileen over the never-to-be-forgotten Todd & Sarah incident. I'd love to see Eileen bitch slap Sally AND Gail. I'm getting on the blower right now with Granada Studios.

Pamer said...

i started watching about the time Mike sent Adam away to Scotland but he was just a little tosser then.

He seems to like our Candice huh? atta boy Adam my son!!

hmmm that dress on Violet didn't do it for me. I think it was meant to be filled by Shelly's ample bosom.

did anyone else have a craving for a cheese and pickle sarnie??? just me? ok..

big_girlfeet said...

here here, i say here here!
and what *is* with those darn canadian tire people, such show-offs with all their chic-chic gadgets and gear...hubby and i heckle them whenever they're on interrupting our show!