Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Totty of the Week

Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald) enjoying a rooftop fag break.

As Jacqueline mentioned yesterday (see previous posting) there’s a new Yahoo group dedicated to discussing Coronation Street babes and hunks.

Since this important niche is being filled over at Yahoo, my question to you is:

Should I continue to post photos of Corrie totty or not? It’s all up to you, Corrie Canuck readers.


Jacqueline said...

Keep the totty coming MJ...just make sure it's equal opportunity. ;-)

Pamer said...

yes..i agree with Jacqueline. Personally I won't be signing up for that yahoo group, but it's all up to you guys. I just love what you all do here

Anonymous said...

Love the totty here. I won't sign up as well. i'll forget I'm on it if I do,


MJ said...

Jacqueline, Pamer and Johnnie: Thanks for your input. I'll keep the totty coming. Just like Jacqueline, I'm here to serve.

Jacqueline: Equal opportunity? Okay. I'll see what I can do about posting a few Roy Cropper in bondage pics.

GoBetty said...

I would switch teams for Suranne.