Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So Long, Karen

Karen McDonald (then Karen Phillips) arrived in Weatherfield as a friend of Linda Sykes (Mike Baldwin’s cheating young wife) in 2000. Linda helped Karen land a job as a knicker stitcher at Underworld and the rest is Coronation Street history.

Our Karen (Suranne Jones) has officially left the Street. The Christmas break-up scene with Steve was her final episode on Coronation Street.

Suranne filmed her last episodes then celebrated with a `Karen McDonald' party, where all the guests - even the men - had to dress up as the feisty factory girl.

Suranne will appear in the ITV drama 'Vincent' with Ray Winstone and she landed a coveted West End stage role alongside actor Rob Lowe in A Few Good Men.

***Corrie Canuck Presents a Photo Tribute to Karen McDonald***


Mad Karen

Sad Karen

Glad Karen

Bad Karen

Karen threatened Tracy Barlow not once (Karen’s wedding) but twice (rooftop catfight at Christmas) with a stiletto heel. (I think we can all agree that the use of a high-heeled shoe as weapon is what makes for gripping television drama.)


Peter Barlow

Before Peter rode the love triangle roller coaster that was Shelley and Lucy, he had a one-night stand with Karen.

Vikram Desai

Karen was dumped by Streetcars boss Vikram when he realized that she fancied his best friend Steve McDonald.

Dev Alahan

With the help of Geena’s mother, Karen set up a honey trap to lure Dev away from barmaid fiancĂ© Geena Gregory. It was a failed seduction attempt. Dev escaped her clutches but Geena called off the engagement and threw her ring at Dev.

Steve McDonald

She married him for a bet the first time. And for love the second time. She was sent packing by Steve to preserve his sanity and his desire to “just be normal again.”

Joe Carter

Hot bad boy action for Karen until ex-con Joe involved her in his devious schemes and then rejected her. (She had a real life romance with actor Jonathan Wrather who played Joe Carter.)

Have we really seen the last of our Karen? Suranne says, “I'd love to come back on to the Street, knock on Steve's door and ask him, 'So where's Tracy?'”

We’ll miss you ‘til then, Karen.


Pamer said...

Very nice tribute MJ.

Karen will be missed by all.

MJ said...

Thanks Pamer. Let's hope she comes storming back onto the set some day.