Thursday, September 22, 2005

Samia Smith

(The artist formerly known as) Samia Ghadie wants to be known as Mrs. Smith following her marriage to property developer Matthew.

Samia (our Maria Sutherland) told Corrie chiefs that she wants to be billed as “Samia Smith” – and they’ve agreed.

Samia married Matthew Smith in Alderley Edge, Cheshire on September 10. Most of the Coronation Street cast, including Ryan Thomas (Jason), Tina O’Brien (Sarah), and Sally Lindsay (Shelley) were among the 200 plus guests.

Due to an agreement with a British entertainment magazine, the bride's gown was obstructed from the public's view by trash bin liners, which veiled the windows of the silver Rolls Royce that bore Samia to St. Philip's Church.

Bin liners always add a touch of class at a wedding, wouldn't you agree?

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