Monday, September 19, 2005

Samia and Matt: The Honeymooners

Samia Ghadie (our Maria Sutherland) and new husband Matthew Smith have been enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Mauritius.

The pair, who tied the knot last weekend, have been staying at the One & Only resort on the east coast of the island. They are staying in a £800-per-night suite which offers a 24-hour butler service.

"Matt and Samia were giggling as they signed in as Mr and Mrs Smith," one guest told the Sunday Mirror.

"They have only left their room a handful of times. It's not surprising though. It's a perfect place for romance and staying behind closed doors is to be expected from a honeymoon couple."

News source: Digital Spy


Anonymous said...

Is that her new husband or her dad?!

MJ said...

That's Matt, her new husband.