Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Question of the week

So Steve has had a hard time lately...he seems to be at the end of his rope.

If you were Steve what would your next move be?

1) Make up with Karen and then move to Canada
2) Hook up with Tracey and then move to Canada
3) Fight for custody of Amy and then move to Canada
4) Move to Canada


MJ said...

Move to Canada, become a Corrie Canuck contributor, and give us all the inside dirt.

Krista Sparkles said...

'ave a cup of tea and move to Canada.

Bast said...

Hello, fellow Corrie fans!

My thanks to MJ who invited me over, having spotted a Corrie reference on my own blog ( - blatant self-aggrandizement - sorry...)

Am a member of Calgary Street Talkers (not to be confused with Calgary Street Walkers - entirely different club) so will let them know about this blog at our next meeting, if that's ok?

Oh, and I vote for everyone moving to Canada - or maybe me going back to the Street to do a Canadian cameo (see? There's that pesky blatant self-aggrandizement again).

Will also link to Corrie Canuck blog immediately!

MJ said...

What a blast! It's Bast! Welcome to Corrie Canuck.

Tell us more about the Calgary Street Talkers. And yes, you can tell them all about us. In fact, you can tell the Calgary Street Walkers about us too. I'm sure they'd like to put their feet up for awhile and have a nice cuppa with us.

Jacqueline said...

Welcome Bast!!

I'll make sure your link gets up asap.

Now what provinces do we have here....B.C, Ont, Quebec and Alberta.

Saskatchewan where are you?

TY - MJ for getting the word out.

Anonymous said...

Im in Canada...stay in England and get someone new...

Anonymous said...

I'm in BC Canada...born in Wallasey Wirral in 1958 emigrated in '66...been watching since I was 2 yrs old!!