Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Question of the Week

Sorry children - I was out and about last night and didn't see Corrie and given the choice between recording Canadian Idol and Corrie, I chose C.I. because I can seen Corrie on Sunday.

If someone wants to jump in with an update from yesterday, please feel free to jump in.

Question of the Week:

If you were Sunita and Dev, what would be your next move?

1) Stick it out at your home
2) Move to a new flat
3) Move to Canada
4) Move into Sunita's mom's basement (for anyone who thinks this is a good idea, please note that while I'm typing this option up, I'm scowling and shaking my head.)
5) Hire a hitman to resolve the Mad Maya issue PERMANTLY
6) Talk to Canadian Tire guy about buying the new Motomaster Home Security System, with Lasers, Anthrax and Killer Bees.


Pamer said...

I would suggest any of the options would be fine, but you just know Dev will convince Sunita that everything will be alright and just whenthey get comfortable again..> comes Mad Maya again

Ginny said...

Hey, where is Corrie this week? I haven't been able to find it on our local CBC station where it normallly airs 3:30 PST. Is anyone else getting episodes this week?

Pamer said...

it's been at 7 local time for the past couple of weeks...which is great cuz if I miss it at 7 i can watch at 8, 9, or 10