Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pub Night Clarification

Yes - it is tonight.

The first announcement I made had the date (clickez vous ici).

The reminder I sent out however, failed to list the date - my goof. Is anyone still able to attend? I'll be there with my strongbow and fried pepperoni regardless.

I would like to try to get a regular pub night going - if peeps are interested. Seeing as my memory is failing me in my old age - the best way would for me to use my best friend 'Evite' in addition to making announcements here.

If you are in Toronto, the GTA or hope to be around Toronto at some point and want to be part of our Corrie Toronto games - drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com and I'll put you on the big list.

Don't forget Montreal, I'm coming to see you at some point too.

1 comment:

GoBetty said...

I'll be there next time for sure.