Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Book: Coronation Street Treasures

Coronation Street fan Tim Randall couldn't believe his luck when he landed his dream job - watching the TV soap.

The writer spent months pouring over tapes of old episodes as part of his research for a new book on the show. He was also given access to the programme's archive and has unearthed a fascinating collection of memorabilia.

During his trawl he dug up gems such as Betty's original hotpot recipe, and serial killer Richard Hillman's confession letter.

(Betty's original hotpot recipe)

Tim said: "It is a dream come true for any Corrie fan. All the stuff from the archives was mentioned or seen on screen. There are some real finds in there and also some that won't be that familiar.

"It's not meant to be a reference book. It focuses on the history of the main people and I've tried to capture the huge comedy element in the show. We have a copy of the card Vera was meant to have been sent by the Queen, but actually turned out to be an April fool's joke."

Tim described how he spent months watching back-to-back videotapes of old episodes dating back 45 years. He said: "I think it will appeal to all ages, but it could be an education for some younger fans. Most of them will only know Rita as an older woman, but she used to be a quite racy singer.

"One of my personal favourites is a set of holiday snaps from the 1970s when Rita, Deirdre, Bet Lynch, Mavis and some other girls won a holiday abroad and the show actually went on location." Another highlight in the Coronation Street Treasures book is an Osgood & Bertrams estate agents advert listing the Rovers Return for sale for £68,000.

(left to right: Bet Lynch, Deirdre, Rita)

Fans will be surprised to learn that legal documents, barely glimpsed on screen, but monumental in their importance to plotlines, were made up in precise detail by the Corrie design department.

A replica of a change of name deed shows how transsexual machinist Hayley Patterson changed her surname to Cropper to mark her `wedding' to Roy.

There is also a divorce petition served by Kevin Webster on Sally.

Tim, 32, who lives in London, writes on Corrie and other TV programmes for magazines and newspapers.

News source: Manchester Evening News (edited to remove spoilers)


Jacqueline said...


I think YOU should write a Corrie book.

kowy said...

I actually remember the story line when all the girls went on holiday. I think it was Spain.

I have the Corrie Street 25th anniversary book at home. It's fun to look at it every now and again and see what people used to look like.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre's glasses are bigger than her swimsuit...

Steve said...

Thanks for the info on the new book. It's been some time since the last one (or did I miss anything?).

MJ said...

Unless I've missed something as well, it's been a few years since the last Corrie book.