Friday, September 09, 2005

Middle Age Now Starts at 49

Liz (48) and Deirdre (51)

A British poll on age-related issues has found most people have moved back the 'official' beginning of middle age from 40 to 49, the Daily Mail reports.

However, the University of Kent study found no change in attitudes about old age -- the vast majority claimed it begins at age 65.

A curious divide became apparent when it came to the workplace, with about 70 percent of respondents saying they were comfortable having a qualified boss over the age of 70, but 47 percent believed their employers disliked having older people working for them.

The survey also revealed a lot of segregation between age groups. A total of 47 percent of people over 70 said they had no friends under the age of 30, while about half of people under 30 had no friends who were over 70.

The survey`s methodology was not reported.

News source: UPI

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Anonymous said...

So... if 49 is now the new middle age? what does 30 become? the new 21?

No seriously, my birthday is coming up and I am NOT turning 30! I refuse!