Sunday, September 18, 2005

Liz Dawn Battling Emphysema

Coronation Street's Liz Dawn is battling chronic emphysema.

The actress, who plays Vera Duckworth, has been left so breathless at times that she has to be given oxygen on the set of the ITV1 soap.

"I'm doing really well," Liz assured fans, speaking to the Sunday Mirror. "I'm just grateful that I have found a fantastic specialist."

The condition, which is most likely to affect heavy smokers, leaves the lungs inflamed and can cause heart failure. Liz, who used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day for over 40 years, has been battling the disease for 18 months.

Speaking about her doctor, she added, "He's worked out a medication that means I can carry on doing what I love - which is being a mum and a grandma and working on Coronation Street."

A friend explained, "Liz has been at a really low ebb. It has been hard going and at times she has feared the worst. But recently she has found a specialist who has sorted out her medication. That has made her far happier.

"She knows that emphysema can kill and that it is a daily battle she has to confront."

A spokesperson for the soap said, "Liz is a highly valued and popular member of the cast. She continues to work as hard as ever. She loves her job and throughout her health problems she has wanted to carry on working."

News source: Digital Spy

For those Corrie Canuck readers wishing to send Liz a note or card, here is the address:

Liz Dawn
Coronation Street
c/o Granada Television
Quay Street
M60 9EA


Anonymous said...

I am never sure when cast members disappear for weeks on end whether they are on vacation or have an illness.

(i.e. Blanche visiting relatives for so long a while back because the actress was quite ill in real life.)

I do hope Liz Dawn gets as much help as possible for her new doctor. This is a tough disease, one which eventually killed my mother-in-law.

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Liz Dawn gets as much help as possible for her new doctor.

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