Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Les Weatherfieldables

I got home last night at 1 am, heady with the remanents of 3 Strongbow, Chicken Roulade, and tales of French revolts - only to find an email from MJ stressing the importance of watching my recorded Corrie Episodes.

As mentioned before, I live to serve - so I grabbed my bottle of Stoly and went upstairs to watch it in bed.


The McDonald/Barlow group were having a shit fit on the stret trying to figure out how to get Karen back with the baby.

Steve said that Karen probably didn't know she had the baby in the car and got on the cell with her. She didn't actually know and he had just about got her to come back when Tracey grabbed the phone and started threatening her.

Karen told her to go to hell.

Steve got in the cab to go find her;Tracey insisted on coming along and Steve relented. (This was a dumb move on his part as far as I'm concerned.) Lots of drama ensued and finally Karen called Steve to tell her where she was.

By the time they got there, all they found was the van on fire. Tracey was convinced that Karen had killed Amy and was beside herself. Steve really didn't think Karen would have done that and was trying to call her when we see Karen in the background running for the cab and taking off with it.

Karen ended up back on the Street when Les noticed her, informed Eileen who informed Steve. Tracey spotted her and tried to run her down with the cab, but Karen escaped into the shop where Haley was working on Claire's dress.

Tracey told Haley that Karen had killed Amy and to let her in - with her huge iron pipe for smashy smashy - which Haley does and then takes herself goes outside to freak out. (Great scene, with Claire calling Haley to see how the dress is coming. 'Oh just fine!)

It's discovered that Karen left Amy with Roy - but Tracey won't believe it and pursues her smashing plan with Karen up on the roof top. Luckily Steve got into the shop and stops it before Karen is killed. (How the hell did Steve get back to the street, btw?)

When the dust settles, Steve tells Karen that she's going to go to the hospital herself and he storms off.

The next day Steve sees Jack and Vera arguing and starts to reflect on it. He asks her about the bickering and she says it's gone on for ages. He asked her if there were other men and her reply was, 'Oh no love, I believe in mahogany.' (Personally, I've always been more of a Piner..)

Then this lovely thing happens - he told her that Karen lost the baby and she gives him a big hug and I think this is the first time anyone has done this for him. Someone finally acknowledged that he had lost his baby too - it wasn't just Karen.

Later, Steve asks Tracey to not press charges about the car if they will drop the attempted murder issue and she agrees.

Then he goes home to talk to Karen....the end result is he tells her that he loves her but can't live with her anymore and packs her bag.

The Wedding
The wedding went off without a hitch - if you don't include in the list of 'hitches' the following:

- Josh refusing to wear anything but his spiderman outfit.
- The organist getting sick and Fred having to stand up and say, 'Is there an organist in the house? No, I'm serious.'
- Norris being the replacement organist with the one of two songs he knew. C'mon let's sing it together, 'We're all going on a summer holiday!'
- The limo with Claire and all the bridesmaids breaking down and all of them having to schlep to the church.
- Martin standing up and professing his love to Claire - then her having to think about that for a bit. (Who knew?! I TOTALLY didn't see that coming.)


John said...

Martin professed his love to Claire? When did THAT happen?

I rather liked when Martin sniggered over Ashley's middle name "Sibilius" (sp?) with Fred glowering at him.

Jacqueline said...

I maybe I dreamt that part after I passed out. :-)

Pamer said...

yes...LOL...Sibelious HAHAHAHA

Josh in that spidey get up and Fred saying "Do what Kingpin says" LOL

to which Tyrone explains: "That's spideys enemy, a great fat bald guy"

Norris playing Summer Holiday...classic

such a great 90 minute episode.

Pamer said...

3 strongbow??? Atta girl it off with the voddy, excellent choice

Ginny said...

Okay, I haven't read this post, 'cause I don't want to know what is happening.

I finally called my local station to find out what the **** was happening with Coronation Street and why it isn't being broadcast. Apparantly, they are only showing it on Sundays now.

That sucks. I watch Corrie in the afternoon when I get home from work - it's my wind down time. Now I'll have to tape it and get it that way.