Friday, September 23, 2005

Knickers in a Knot

Corrie Canuck presents a collection of knicker quotes from Coronation Street stars.

Our Leanne shows off her smalls

Sally Lindsay (our Shelley Unwin):

“I like to wear nice knickers if I’m going out. But I have to wear thongs to work as I can’t afford to have a visible pantyline on camera!”

Debra Stephenson (our Frankie Baldwin):

“Matching underwear is one of my obsessions.”

“One of my biggest fears is walking down a red carpet with my skirt stuck in my pants! (knickers) I often have a recurring dream that I’m gliding down the carpet at a showbiz bash and everyone’s laughing at me. Then I turn round and see my pants on show!”

Bill Ward (our Charlie Stubbs):

Bill loves the idea of being sent ladies’ underwear in the post but is still waiting. “I’m a bit disappointed,” he says. “Undies in a jiffy bag please!”

Ladies, you can send your knickers to Bill at this address:

Bill Ward
Coronation Street
c/o Granada Television
Quay Street
M60 9EA


Jacqueline said...

Okay - let me get a pen.

Bill Ward
c/o Granada.....

(Won't he be suprised!)

david george of roehampton ward rampton said...

will he sniff 'em first?