Friday, September 09, 2005

Just Curious

How many of you are watching Coronation Street Classics?


Anonymous said...

I am! I watch it everyday.

Except last night, when the hydro in this end of Scarborough, decided to be an ass and go out for 3 hours last night!


Jacqueline said...

Last night we saw Fred Elliot for the first time as a regular.

Anonymous said...

And I missed it?! *shakes fist furiously at ontario hydro*


Pamer said...

lol...was Fred slim with waves of lush hair?

John said...

I really should catch it more often (or get a PVR), I like seeing all these characters when they first appear and noting how they change. Ashley had a different relationship with Fred then.

(Roy was Deidre's stalker? WTF??!)

But other than that, for me, someone who has only recently become a convert, it's like some whole other show. The set is the same but there are weird versions of characters we know and other characters who have disappeared. It moves slower, as well, and isn't quite as camp as it has been recently.

skeezix said...

I had the same experience as John. As someone who only started watching this year, I find Classic Corrie odd and slow moving. They're fine, but I don't get the same kick out of them that I do from the "new" ones (if you can call episodes that first aired in the UK 9 months ago "new").

I had a lot more fun catching up on my Corrie "history" through the Coronation Street specials on DVD and CBC.