Friday, September 16, 2005

Jostling Jacqueline


Okay - so updates have been nil this week....WORK - I DETEST THEE!

Anyway, I thought I'd take a lunch today and share a few thoughts.

Who needs a punch in the nose.

#1 = Candice

What the HELL makes her so god damn insecure? So she's going out with unwashed Baldwin boy and rubbing it in everyones faces that she's dating a footballer. She's said the most appalling stuff to Maria about Tyrone being a loser and to Katie about Martin being withered.

We need some cumuppance.

#2 - Gayle

For giving Maria a hard time about Nik leaving. No darling, your ongoing harping made them break up.

Anyway, Nik was supposed to come to Ashley and Clare's wedding as the bestman, but backed down because he's still too in love with Maria. Gayle let it be known to Maria that the reason he's not coming is because he's found someone new.

#3 - Charlie

For being an emotionally abusive boyfriend. Shel and he were to go to Dev and Sunita's for dinner and he made her feel so insecure about her appearance and wardrobe that she ended up changing 5 times and getting more and more fragile with each change. It was too painful to watch.

He's also kind of forbidding her to see her mom.

Hmmm. pyscho boyfriend alert.

I will grant him one thing though. At dinner, Shel started pitching Charlie's services to Dev to build the shops again. Charlie was pissed about that because she was making it look like he had no work and would be willing to do the job for a discount. I kind of agreed with him there - you don't need to get involved with your partner's business.

And Shell, you don't need a punch in the nose, but you do need a slap upside the head.

# 4 - Kelly

The Christmas party fund for the factory girls went missing and Kelly was right on accusing Angela of stealing it because she bought a new computer for her son. The money was found and it took Sean to get Kelly to apologize - which Angela wouldn't accept.

#5 - Les and Cilla

Roy ran some contest with his plum pudding (wait - that sound suggestive, doesn't it?) ANYWAY, customers could purchase a slice of his plum pudding and if someone found the lucky coin they woudl get 25 pounds.

First Les tries to put a fake coin into the pudding - but Roy catches him out.

Then they come into buy the last 7 (or whatever) pieces because the coin hasn't been found yet. Roy says okay as long as Les eats each piece. Les puts back a disgusting amount of this stuff and no coin turns up.

Turns out Betty had paid for a slice before, which Halley had kept in the fridge. Sure enough the coin was there and the Battersbys were out their money.

Who Deserves a Hug


For winning over Maria's heart. He went over to her place and just as he was getting the 'go away' signals from her, Dave shows up with the money he borrowed from her on their date.

Tyrone thinks he's there for a date, but Maria makes it very clear he's not and tells him that she loves him.


Danny had told the girls that if they came up with 100 pounds for their party, he would match it. They were 5 short - and in a stunning move, Mike threw in the money they needed.

Also, I watched Corrie last sunday and saw the poker game where Fred lost the store. I didn't realize that Fred was really out for blood and that Mike had given him ample opportunity to back down. Extra kudos to Mike for not taking the butchers. I kind of think Fred would have taken Mike's shop if the tables had been turned.

Who Needs Dr. Phil

Martin and Katie
They on again, they're off again - he's getting weirder and weirder.

Katie ended up kissing footballer as some kind of dare and Martin caught them. He dumps her, but she eventually ends up getting him back.

Later, he's playing football with David and footie guy jumps in to show off. Martin goes one on one with him and ends up knocking him down then gets right in his face and says, 'Stay away from my girlfriend.' (I needed to take a few showers after that scene it was so gross.)

Jason and Violet

They break up and then start professing mad love to each other.

Haven't they had maybe 5 dates?


Ginny said...

Thanks for the update Jacqueline. I'm on week two of no Corrie Street on our local channel. I think I'm gonna have to call them and complain.

Pamer said...

that is really strange Ginny. I have Bell satelitte and it plays constantly from 6 to 10 everyday in the various time zones.

I would definitely call and complain

BTW I learned a lot from Les' sex talk with Chesney last night...Bwahahahahahaha.

Jacqueline said...


cbc i despise thee

irish_robbie said...

Yeah Corrie was on! I love the digital cable guide and the PVR! We set it up to tape every day (on CBC) we don't have to watch on Sundays anymore. But since I get stressed out watching this show sometimes...I do spend a good amount of time on so I know everything that has happened up to current in the UK...Ok I don't like surprises!

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's gonna get good between Maria, Nick and Gayle.

When Gayle gets that ferrety little face on, it's time to duck!

In other son news, David and Craig have grown at least a foot taller each. I have to say David is one of my faves. Nice little sarcastic, teen now, I guess.