Friday, September 09, 2005

It’s Kits Off for Blanche

Maggie Jones has revealed how she’s constantly driven mad by cheeky co-star Malcolm Hebden.

Malcolm, 64, who plays nerdy Norris Cole, regularly rings 69-year-old Maggie to tell her she’s being lined up to strip off in her role as Deirdre’s nosy mom Blanche.

She said, “Muggins here always believes him and calls up the bosses for a rant.”

News source: Daily Star


Anonymous said...

She's only 69!?!?!

Why, she and Ken could be dating.

Pamer said...

well that put me right off me breaky

Jacqueline said...

What the hell?!!!

It's like when I found out that Rita is YOUNGER than both Ken and Mike.

Is it too much makeup?