Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Mike

JOHNNY BRIGGS (our Mike Baldwin)

Born: September 5, 1935 in Battersea, South London

‘Love me or loathe me, you’ve got to admit, I’ve got style.’
- Mike Baldwin

Johnny Briggs celebrates his 70th birthday today.

Johnny first showed up on the street in 1972 playing a lorry driver. The character Mike Baldwin made his debut on October 11, 1976. Johnny was employed as Mike in order to introduce a Cockney who would steal the hearts of female viewers. (Yes, they had Corrie totty even back then!)

At age 17, Johnny left stage school to star as a juvenile delinquent in Cosh Boy - Britain's first X-rated movie.

Over the years, Johnny has appeared in dozens of films and TV shows including The Saint.

In his autobiography, “My Life As Mike Baldwin” Johnny recounts serving time in an Army jail, drunken nights with actors Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, and almost being recruited by The Great Train Robbers.

In his free time, Johnny plays golf with his buddies, singer Engelbert Humperdinck and Bill Roache (our Ken Barlow.)

Johnny & Engelbert

Finally, click on Random Rant for an amusing account of one man’s attempt to obtain a lock of Mike Baldwin’s hair.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Johnny has aged better than Engelbert! I remember my mom swooning over him and Tom Jones.

So when the major Deirdre, Ken, Mike love triangle was playing out, Mike was no spring chicken.

Ken, I think, is 65 on the show. Is Mike supposed to be that old, or younger? Does anyone know?

MJ said...

I'll let you do the math.

The character Ken was born in 1939 but in real life, actor Bill Roache was born in 1932.

The character Mike was born in 1942 but in real life, actor Johnny Briggs was born in 1935.

So both the character of Ken and the actor who play Ken are 3 years older than Mike/Johnny.

Basically, Corrie is trying to pass both of them off as being about 7 years younger than they actually are in real life.