Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Janice

VICKY ENTWISTLE (our Janice Battersby)

Born: September 15, 1968 in Accrington, Lancashire

Let’s not let Prince Harry’s 21st birthday celebrations upstage our Janice. Vicky Entwistle turns 37 today.

Vicky made her debut on Corrie in 1997. She was spotted by a Granada TV casting director while she was playing Madonna freak Maxine Graham in Like A Virgin.

Vicky is married to props man Andy Chapman whom she met on the Coronation Street set.

Vicky told the Daily Express that she fell for Chapman after a clairvoyant told her she would find her partner on the soap's set. Chapman said it all began when a scene went wrong. He told the paper: "There was a scene where some money was dropped on the floor. It wasn't going right so I went over to help pick up the money and I just looked into Vicky's eyes and thought, "This is the girl I'm going to marry'."

Vicky said she was feeling vulnerable because she had split up with her fiance. She added: "I'd also been to see a clairvoyant because I'd had my confidence knocked out of me and I didn't feel very attractive. Not long afterwards the clairvoyant rang me up and said: `Have you met him yet?" I said no and then she added: `The person you are meant to be with is right under your nose. He is not in the cast but he works on the Coronation Street set with you'. So when this thing with the money happened, I thought to myself, `It's you'."

You have to wonder . . . does Andy fancy her ‘cause she’s into water sports?

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