Friday, September 09, 2005

Had to do the Math

Ken - 73
Emily - 75
Rita - 72
Betty - 85
Deidre - 51
Gail - 54
Vera - 66
Blanche - 69 (are we sure she's not lying?)
Mike - 70
Audrey - 62
Jack - 64
Kevin - 41
Martin - 40
Sally - 42 (and looking good for 42, I have to say)
Liz - 48


Pamer said...

yes...Sally does look amazingly fresh faced for 42...i think someone has been injesting goat placenta again

Blanche is a dirty liar...some episodes she looks like she's pushing 100

MJ said...

Back on June 21st I did a "Happy Birthday Blanche and Deirdre" posting as they share the same birthday in real life. I wasn't able to find Maggie Jone's year of birth anywhere. Obviously the Daily Star has better resources than I do (give me access!) but I have no idea what rock they turned over to find that info.

I think they apply the older womens' makeup with a trowel. Hence, they look older than they are in real life.