Friday, September 09, 2005

Elliot Spotting!

Okay - so for those of you who didn't read the comments attached to Corrie Classics - I mentioned that yesterday we see Fred's first appearance as regular. (He did make some showing a few years earlier, but just as a bit part.)

It was asked if Fred looked much different and I'm pleased to report that yes, he looks completely different. Oodles of hair, very trim body, no Tourettes, I say, no Tourettes.

He kind of looked like, well, let this be a warning, 'Charlie, time is a cruel, cruel mistress.'

(P.S. I'm totally having you on, he looks exactly the same - maybe 15 lbs less.)


MJ said...

And where exactly was Fred's shop located? I don't recall seeing that street before.

Pamer said...

you got me!!!...i was ready to start asking for photos of this handsome debonair Fred