Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Does This Mean Anything

All the streetcars in Toronto have great huge signs along their sides advertising Corrie as being an hour long each night.

Quite an investment for a temporary thing. (e.g. just until the strikes over).

Maybe the big plan is to bring us up to date. Wouldn't that be freakin' fantastic!!!

I get most of information about Britain through Corrie so this will be great relief for me. I've heard rumours that Thatcher is no longer in power.

Pub Night.

Anyone? Anyone? Should I try for another night? I can also evite people if you drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com.


The biggest story line is that Karen lost her baby.

(Now, this happened to my best friend about a year ago, except it was a week before the baby was due. So needless to say, I'm watching these episodes with extra dry vodkas on hand. It actually kind of sucks watching this.)

Karen has told Steve that the marriage is through - and it would seem that the both of them felt the baby was the only thing holding their relationship together. Last we saw of Karen was her driving off of with the MacDonald/Barlow vehicle.

Oh yeah...Amy is inside the car.

As my sister said last night, 'This show is getting really dark.'

The lads threw a stag for Ashley - but Tyrone made the mistake of hiring a stripper. Ashley said that Claire would kill him if a stripper showed up.

(Why does this NOT suprise me? Personally, I'm happy just having the house to myself for an evening - I tend to give my husband 'tip' money and send him on his way.)

Anyway, they try to go to some club but are turned away because two senior citizens and a few of middle aged men consitutes a 'gang'. (Am I missing something). They're forced to end up at the Rovers.

Meanwhile Claire and her mom are going out and have hired Emily to take care of Josh. Emily walks into the house where Richard had tried to kill her and is immediately traumatized. She's looking all freaked out and I'm screaming at the Claire, 'Dude, maybe this isn't the best babysitting option.'

Also in some kind of panic, Claire tears her wedding dress on the zipper of the garment bag. She ends up making a bee-line for Haley.

Les and Cilla decided to crash the 'Awk'Hill Christmas do and pushed their Chesney to become a student. They backed down when they heard the prices, however, the headmaster had a chat with Chesney and has suggested that he could come to there with a free scholarship.

Sally was immediately hospitalized.

So I think that's it.

I'm off to the theatre tonight, but hopefully have set up my vcr correctly. I'm now considering getting that personal t.v. thing to record my shows. I have the digital, but i still tend to miss out...hmmmm. (OKay, I'm just rambling - so I'll sign out.)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to come to the pub night, but I'll be in Mexico gettin' my drink on.


Pamer said...

i can't make it either, sadly, I'll be in Sault Ste MArie. Gag!!!

Sorry...i will get to one of these sooner or later

skeezix said...

I've read a number of discussions as to what happens over at the CBC once the lock-out is over.

There have been a number of suggestions that the CBC won't necessarily jump in with both feet with its regular programming the minute the lock out is over. Stuff like the National will resume pretty quickly, but CBC may reintroduce other programming more strategically, in conjunction with a carefully planned marketing campaign, to reflect the fact that many of its viewers have lost the CBC habit these past few weeks.

In other words, one hour of Corrie per night might extend for a certain period of time after the end of the lock out, while the head honchos at CBC figure out what to do.

skeezix said...

Oh, and Jacqueline, the pvr changed my life. It keeps track of tv scheduling changes for you -- no more missing episodes. In contrast, I now feel like a VCR is like something out of the dark ages.