Sunday, September 04, 2005

Corrie for This Past Week

So I didn't do daily posts this week mainly because the action was so fabulous that I really didn't want to spoil anyone's fun.

Suffice to say that this week has been one of the best Corrie story EVAH.

As many as you knew, Maya blew up ALL of Dev's shops and as he spent the evening running from one blowed up shop to the next, it finally dawned on him that Sunita may be in danger.

Of course she was you silly goose! By the time he called her, Maya had broken in and had her typed up. She picked up the phone and instructed Dev to come to their apartment - alone.

He got there only to find a message telling him there was one more to go (store that is to blow up). She had taken Maya up to the apartment above the Coronation street shop. He got to the store and figured out where she was so up the stairs to rescue his Sunita - only to get knocked on the head by a Ganesh statue.

So we have a whole Sniddly Whiplash scene being played out - Dev trying to reason with Maya, Maya being mad and Sunita making THE most annoying whining/crying sound known to man.

In the end Maya leaves them tied up and scampers downstairs to set the shop on fire.

Once the flames start going, people on the street notice that it's on fire. All the residents are madly trying to evacuate, call the fire brigade - etc. I can't remember how they figure out that Dev and Sunita are upstairs, but once they do, Cieran and Charlie are off to the rescue. They manage to save both of them to the cheers on the street.

Now - here's the really cool part. Maya is up the street in her car watching the festivies and when she realizes that both Dev and Sunita are alive, she charges her car down to run over Sunita. Charlie manages to pull her out of the way.

Maya drives around like a maniac is about to take another run at them when some great massive green truck runs into her car and drives it into a pole.

Unbelievably, she survives and ends up in the same G.D. hospital as Dev and Sunita. This of course upsets Sunita a great deal and they are able to check out of the hospital and bravely go back to their apartment.

I get tingles just thinking about it. Well done writers.

What else?
Cieran and Charlie are heros and Shel is completely soppy over this. Charlie is being even more of a jerk and she's being even more of an idiot. It's starting to sicken me a bit.

Sean confronted Kelly about the pass she made at him and she told him that she was never his friend and was just having a go at him. He was really hurt and they end up having a shoving fight in the shop.

Baldwin sees this and asks Kelly what's it all about. She shows Danny the bruises she got from Sean when he was fighting off her advances and told Danny that Sean had been beating her. He canned Sean; but when the rest of the crew found out, they told Danny to hire him back or they'd all quit.

Karen is preggers! Tracey is heartbroken and now realizes that she has even less of a chance with Steve.

And there was some weird small story about Tommy gambling way out of his league with Fred and the Baldwins - but I think this story was used just to cut away from all the boom-boom stab-stab Maya action.

We have a lot of constant readers who have also have blogs (Shatnerian)- shall I put your links up on the sides?

Since they are at about the same place as we are, if you know any Aussie or Kiwi Corrie watchers, encourage them to join in the fun. We fans in the colonies need to stick together.


Anonymous said...

Thank You! I too thought Sunita's whimpering to be most annoying. Made it difficult to hear Maya's demented dialogue. :)

Can you believe Maya lived? It does not bode well for the Allahans...

John said...

I kept expecting a bandaged and bloodied Maya, holding her IV bag, to come limping into Dev and Sunita's bedroom for one last go.

Mrs. Mystic said...

I have to say that during the entire ordeal of Dev and Sunita being bound and gagged that hearing Sunita with her constant whimpering made me mute the t.v. So this week when she's in her post traumatic shock i'm even less patient - what with her freaking out over the door bell 'an all...

Pamer said...

The Allahans will just have to pack up and move to Canada

John said...

Oh yeah, feel free to link my blog in the side bar.