Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Corrie Canuck Toronto Pub Night Tonight!

7 p.m.
Duke of Argyle - 86 John Street between King and Queen.
Phone: (416) 340-9700.
Ask the hostess for the Corrie Canuck group (although I’m sure you’ll be able to hear them.)

Get yer arses over there!

Since I can’t join you, I’ll be raising my Vodka in a Bong in your general direction.


Pamer said...

aw man...i am going to miss this first corrie pub night??? Hoist a few for me comrades

I will be in the TO area at the beginning of Nov though. I'll be working at the Royal York for some clients, maybe we can do another night then yah?

Jacqueline said...

When the 'begining' of November? I'll be in Norway Nov 1 - 15th - so if begining of Nov still includes the 16th - I'll set something up.

Pamer said...

::Whining:: awwwww

Nov 2,3,4 is when i'm in town

GoBetty said...

Sorry, is this tonight (Tues, Sept. 27th)?

MJ said...

Yes, this is tonight.