Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Canadian Coronation Street Blogs ‘R’ Us

What parallel universe do we inhabit that’s spawned both our blog (Corrie Canuck) and her blog (CDN Corrie Street Wrapup) and yet we remain strangers?

I’m going over there right now and invite her to visit us.

Her tagline:
“I hurt my knee in July 2004 and started to watch different programs because I was laid-up for a month. After watching back-to-back episodes of Corrie St. on a couple of Sundays I was hooked.”

Not only does she have a Canadian Coronation Street blog; she started it at practically the same time our Jacqueline created Corrie Canuck!!!

Us: January 12, 2005.
Her: January 27, 2005.

This is too freaky for me. Would someone please order up a vodka for me on that cell phone?

Make that a double.


Jacqueline said...

Maybe we can get her to come to our corrie pub night.

GoBetty said...

I will certainly go to your pub night. Your site is way nicer than mine. You have pics. I cannot get Hello / Picassa to work on my computer at work, so I have no pics. Maybe someday tho. I am too lazy to blog from home. Thus, I must do all of this blogging at work. Good thing I am a high-powered executive. Thanks for stopping by!

MJ said...

Welcome Betty! I've bookmarked your blog. Go Betty, go! So glad we found you.