Thursday, September 01, 2005

Actor Michael Sheard Dies

Michael Sheard who portrayed Adolf Hitler five times during his career, died of cancer yesterday at age 65.

Sheard portrayed Admiral Ozzel, who was choked to death by Darth Vadar in "The Empire Strikes Back" and was known to millions of British TV viewers as the scary teacher Maurice Bronson on the BBC children’s show, "Grange Hill." He also had a number of roles in different series of "Dr. Who".

Sheard appeared on Coronation Street in 1989 as accountant Arthur Dabner. Arthur dated Emily Bishop for a while until he went back to his wife.


Jacqueline said...

I feel bad for actors who keep having to play Hitler.

Noah Taylor protrayed him in 'Max', but I've heard that he's been approached several times to be Hitler.

Who wants to go arond thinking that you're giving off a 'Hitler-esque' vibe?

Pamer said...

what's worse is some director coming to you and saying..."You're perfect to play look just like him."