Friday, September 30, 2005

Where In The World Are You From?

Corrie Canuck has become a community from coast to coast and across the pond.

Wondering where we all live? In the comments section, tell us, if you wish, the name of your town and/or country.

Let’s see what kind of gumbo (or rather, hotpot) we have here.

Inebriation Street

Back in July, Corrie Canuck reported on a survey stating that Coronation Street residents are Britain’s biggest soap boozers.

The Mirror reports that Weatherfield has come under the microscope again by members of the charity ‘Alcohol Concern.’

Alcohol Concern reacted angrily to the results of the research after The Mirror revealed high levels of on-screen boozing by top stars.

If it’s good enough for the PM . . .

On Coronation Street, as many as 200 units were drunk or ordered (in a one week period) and in one particular episode a staggering 64 per cent of scenes were alcohol-fuelled.

Recently, in the UK episodes, after two days of bingeing to drown sorrows, Charlie (Bill Ward) starts the day with a mug of neat vodka.

In the Rovers the usual crowd – young and old – are ordering pints with their lunch.

In EastEnders, even more units were consumed than in Corrie – about 270.

Both shows had several examples of characters relying on alcohol to get through the day – knocking back whisky and vodka at breakfast time.

A spokeswoman for Alcohol Concern said: “At the moment, portrayal of alcohol on the television tends to be almost completely one-dimensional.

“Alcohol so frequently plays a part in human misery – through health problems, crime, violence, accidents and financial ruin – that, sadly, there is no shortage of potential dramatic storylines. The message that comes across is that drinking to excess is the norm and getting drunk carries no adverse consequences.

“This simply stokes the binge-drinking culture in this country. We would like to see a more rounded, accurate portrayal of alcohol on the box.”

News source: The Mirror (edited to remove spoilers)

Happy Birthday Rita

BARBARA KNOX (our Rita Sullivan)

Born: September 30, 1933 in Oldham, Lancashire

Barbara Knox first appeared on Coronation Street in 1964 when she appeared as exotic dancer Rita Littlewood. Eight years would pass before she returned to the Street. Rita married three times: first to Harry Bates, then Len Fairclough, and Ted Sullivan.

According to Daran Little’s book, “The Women of Coronation Street,” young Barbara loved dressing up in her mother’s ballroom-style dresses, pretending to be Ginger Rogers. She imagined herself in the Betty Grable movies she saw at her local cinema and it was these films that first influenced Barbara into considering acting as a career.

On this year’s Corrie Christmas episode, we heard Barbara’s talent as a singer as Rita sang “Silent Night” in the Rovers. In 1973 Barbara released an LP, On The Street Where I Live.

Barbara won a ‘best actress’ award in 1989, following her involvement in the dramatic Alan Bradley storyline. In 2004, she won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Soap Awards.

Barbara has a daughter, Maxine.

Red Hot Rita

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Corrie Stars Choose Favourite Soap Stars

Coronation Street stars have been deciding who is their favourite soap character of all time.

Bill Ward (our Charlie Stubbs) could not choose between EastEnder Dot Branning and Street star Ken Barlow.

He said: "Dot is a bit of a legend really, and Ken is another."

Sally Lindsay (our Shelley Unwin) chose three other Corrie legends as her top characters.

She said: "I think it has to be either Elsie Tanner or Hilda Ogden...and Raquel (Watts) - I loved her."

Queen of the Rovers Return

Bet (Lynch) Gilroy, former queen of Coronation Street's Rovers Return, was named the ideal landlady in a survey by hospitality website

Shane Ritchie's character Alfie Moon from EastEnders has been named the fictional character who would make the best pub landlord.

Coronation Street Cakes

When Coronation Street bosses decide to throw a big soap wedding, they always turn to one family bakery to put the icing on the cake.

Trifles in Market Avenue, Ashton under Lyne, have been supplying spectacular sponges to the programme for almost 20 years.

And their skills were called into action yet again as butcher Ashley Peacock finally tied the knot with nanny Claire Casey in a festive special on Christmas Day.

As millions tuned in to watch the sweethearts get hitched, cake-maker Suzanne Ratcliffe couldn't wait to catch a glimpse of her own creation on the small screen.

Suzanne, whose mum Florence owns the business, said: "It's really special when you see the cakes on telly, because we do take a lot of time over them.

"I had to make each individual petal for all the roses on Ashley and Claire's cake. It took about a day to finish, so you need a lot of patience.

"We made the one for Karen and Steve's wedding, too, but sadly they spent most of the programme standing in front of it. I also decorated the one for Gail and Richard Hillman's wedding and he turned out to be a serial killer, so hopefully Ashley and Claire's marriage will be happier."

Trifles' list of exclusive "clients" include Curly and Emma Watts, Hayley and Roy Cropper, Fred and Eve Elliott and Bethany Platt.

Ashley and Claire's cake was on display in the shop window, but Suzanne warns it's not as mouth-watering as it looks.

"The base is made from polystyrene, so I wouldn't recommend eating it," she said.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Update for Sept 27/05

Whilst we were drinking my vcr was very busy recording last nights episode.

The Websters
Lots o' action at the Websters.

Rosie has decided to become a Goth along with Craig - including dying her hair black. Kev freaked when he saw her and told her to go wash it out, which of course, she couldn't. Sophie then said to him that he should see the bathroom.

For some inexplicable reason KEV goes to clean the bathroom. they need Nanny 911? 'Cause I'm thinking that's Rosie's job.

Sal has been working very happily at Iain's ('Awk'hill Dad) car lot and seems to be in her element. Iain invited her to have a drink with him after hours in his office, which she accepted.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, he tells her that he's in love with her and she is 'the most attractive woman he's ever seen'. Sal tells him to snap out of it and I was actually pretty impressed about how she handled it. She didnt' get screamy or weird.

She did, however, get screamy and weird when she saw Rosie's hair and they ended up in a big fit.

Sal was understandbly upset and begged Kevin for them to go out for dinner. They had a heart to heart, but she didn't tell him about Iain.

The Croppers
Okay - so Charlie has a new worker who has been bothering Roy at the restaurant. Roy of course, has shown nothing but weakness, now guy has taken to bullying and intimidating Roy.

This is extremely uncomfortable to watch.

Fred and Audrey
Fred invited Audrey over for dinner as her neighbour has been making mucho noise. She went with the understanding that he wouldn't propose marriage. (Always a wise guarentee to secure before going over to Mr. Elliots.)

They had a nice chat, but the Fred got all soppy about getting old and not having a partner.

Has decided to stop eating. Good for her!

Weatherfield 90210

Jason loves Violet and wants her to move with him. She says she'll think about it.

Adam is working for Underworlds and has seemed to develop an interest in Sarah.

Corrie Canuck Quiz

Harrods wants to know . . . How Truly British Are You?
(for Brits and Brit wannabees alike)

Yesterday in Canadian History

Yea, oh, yea it was very important day in the series of events that make this country true, north and free.

#1 – First black Governor General –evah - is installed.

#2 – First Corrie Canuck Pub night – evah – is held.

Both events were held in Canada, both advanced and enriched the culture and identity of this country and both were dominated by some very cool chickie-poos.

But since I could only attend the Corrie evening, I will answer the burning question on everyone's minds, 'How was it'?

I regret to inform you that it was a complete freakin’ BLAST!

I got to the Duke a little late and was shocked to see it was packed to the rafters. I forgot that it’s in the heart of the entertainment district and everyone was there for pre-Les Mis meals.

So I was a tad worried because there was no available hostess, I wasn’t sure if they had got my reservations, had anyone shown up yet, I didn’t know what anyone looks like (‘ceptin’ Radmila), etc., etc.

I creeped forward to see if I could find anyone looking like they might be the type of person who would enjoy sitting around the television and watching the goings on of Weatherfieldians. Then I noticed that the lady who came in the same time I did was doing the same thing.

So I asked her if she was looking for a group and bada bing bada boom – it was Lisa from Scarberia!

Okay – people, I’m going on record as saying this woman is unspeakably cool. She has some really amazing stories to tell (my favorite being her Stones concert experience – both of them.) We found out that we live freakishly parallel lives including that we grew up in neighbouring towns in BC at the same time. (Me – Surrey – class of 84. Lisa – Delta – class of 85). Weird, non? I could tell you all the other co-incidences, but it would take up most of my workday. Suffice to say, one of us would share a bit of info and the other would enviably say, ‘No! You’re not going to believe this, but MY middle name is Astrid too!)

So we chatted for maybe 15 minutes about the show and then in true Corrie fashion enjoyed our dinner (Fish and Chips - such an indulgence!) , our bevvies (she’s a screwdriver lady and I stuck to Strongbow), and tons of gossipy information about our lives.

We didn’t hook up with anyone else from Corrie - and my sincere apologies if you came and couldn’t find us. The place was really crazy until about 7:45 and the staff were being run off their feet. I did leave reservations about our group being there, but I’m suspecting the staff were really too busy to communicate that around. (Side note – the lesson learned here is if I’m going to book the Duke again – I book it for 8 when the place is quieter.)

So it was Lisa and I who made the core corrie group, but we were joined by Mr.Jacqueline and my friend Rachel who is super cool and used to watch Corrie about 8 years ago.

Now for your viewing enjoyment – Les Pictures

Jacqueline and Lisa

And we drank (hands courtesy of Mr. Jacqueline and Rachel)

And we ate

Burp! Oh – excuse me.

All in all a FABULOUS time and I’m very much looking forward to the next pub night.

Question – what do the Toronto people think of a monthly pub night? Too much?

I’m also sending a challenge to other Corrie Canucksters across the land to set up their own pub nights. It’s totally worth it.

So Long, Karen

Karen McDonald (then Karen Phillips) arrived in Weatherfield as a friend of Linda Sykes (Mike Baldwin’s cheating young wife) in 2000. Linda helped Karen land a job as a knicker stitcher at Underworld and the rest is Coronation Street history.

Our Karen (Suranne Jones) has officially left the Street. The Christmas break-up scene with Steve was her final episode on Coronation Street.

Suranne filmed her last episodes then celebrated with a `Karen McDonald' party, where all the guests - even the men - had to dress up as the feisty factory girl.

Suranne will appear in the ITV drama 'Vincent' with Ray Winstone and she landed a coveted West End stage role alongside actor Rob Lowe in A Few Good Men.

***Corrie Canuck Presents a Photo Tribute to Karen McDonald***


Mad Karen

Sad Karen

Glad Karen

Bad Karen

Karen threatened Tracy Barlow not once (Karen’s wedding) but twice (rooftop catfight at Christmas) with a stiletto heel. (I think we can all agree that the use of a high-heeled shoe as weapon is what makes for gripping television drama.)


Peter Barlow

Before Peter rode the love triangle roller coaster that was Shelley and Lucy, he had a one-night stand with Karen.

Vikram Desai

Karen was dumped by Streetcars boss Vikram when he realized that she fancied his best friend Steve McDonald.

Dev Alahan

With the help of Geena’s mother, Karen set up a honey trap to lure Dev away from barmaid fiancĂ© Geena Gregory. It was a failed seduction attempt. Dev escaped her clutches but Geena called off the engagement and threw her ring at Dev.

Steve McDonald

She married him for a bet the first time. And for love the second time. She was sent packing by Steve to preserve his sanity and his desire to “just be normal again.”

Joe Carter

Hot bad boy action for Karen until ex-con Joe involved her in his devious schemes and then rejected her. (She had a real life romance with actor Jonathan Wrather who played Joe Carter.)

Have we really seen the last of our Karen? Suranne says, “I'd love to come back on to the Street, knock on Steve's door and ask him, 'So where's Tracy?'”

We’ll miss you ‘til then, Karen.

Coronation Street Scheduling Update

Beginning this week on September 29, an hour of Coronation Street will air on Thursdays on CBC from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tunes for Tonight in Toronto

Yeah yeah, I know I’ve posted these MP3s previously but our Corrie Canuck pub night revelers in Toronto will need some tunes tonight. Turn on your speakers . . .

First up: The Fred Elliott Rap

Next: The Ballad of Les Battersby

Sing out loud and sing out proud. (Guaranteed to clear the pub.)

The 86 Rules of Boozing

Attention Corrie Canuck pub night attendees:

Remember the 86 Rules of Boozing as you head out to the Duke of Argyle this evening.

Pub Night Clarification

Yes - it is tonight.

The first announcement I made had the date (clickez vous ici).

The reminder I sent out however, failed to list the date - my goof. Is anyone still able to attend? I'll be there with my strongbow and fried pepperoni regardless.

I would like to try to get a regular pub night going - if peeps are interested. Seeing as my memory is failing me in my old age - the best way would for me to use my best friend 'Evite' in addition to making announcements here.

If you are in Toronto, the GTA or hope to be around Toronto at some point and want to be part of our Corrie Toronto games - drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com and I'll put you on the big list.

Don't forget Montreal, I'm coming to see you at some point too.

Corrie Scoops Six Inside Soap Awards

Although EastEnders walked away with Best Soap for the ninth year in succession, Coronation Street landed six awards at last night’s Inside Soap Awards.

Best Bad Boy and Best Actress

Bill Ward (our Charlie Stubbs) and Sally Lindsay (our Shelley Unwin)

Sexiest Female

Samia Ghadie aka Samia Smith (our Maria Sutherland)

Best Bitch

Kate Ford (Tracy Barlow)

Funniest Performance AND Best Newcomer

Antony Cotton (our Sean Tully)

Corrie Canuck Toronto Pub Night Tonight!

7 p.m.
Duke of Argyle - 86 John Street between King and Queen.
Phone: (416) 340-9700.
Ask the hostess for the Corrie Canuck group (although I’m sure you’ll be able to hear them.)

Get yer arses over there!

Since I can’t join you, I’ll be raising my Vodka in a Bong in your general direction.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Update Sept 26, 2005

The first part of the show was a bit uneventful as it was the New Year's show and was shot entirely at the Rovers.

Really, the entire show had everyone reviewing the past year, reminiscing and reflecting on those issues that affect all of us. You know, being taken to court, almost losing your entire fortune to a fake mail order bride, having your fiance come out of the closet and having an attempt made on your life above your husband's burning corner shop.

Just regular old stuff that happens to all of us at somepoint.

Adam Barlow showed up which hurt Jacqueline's brain as she tried to remember who the hell this kid is. (Ken's grandson Mike's son by Susan Barlow (ken's daughter) - simple non?)

The most exciting part of this episode was the Canadian Tire commercial. C.T. lady was there, but not C.T. guy. Where is he? Did he find out that she's having it off with the Lillydale chef?

The next episode has Jamie called up for soccer on January 1st. He's still drunk from the night before and Warren has to come to the rescue to get his act together.

Jamie and family make it to the game where he spends most of the game on the bench. I think he's on the field at the end for like 3 minutes and has no chance to score.

The best part of the game is when Adam tries to figure out if he's Warren's uncle. Adam...we don't know where you are on the human family tree.

Charlie does some sweet talking with Shel about the dress and all is forgiven. He even comes back to her with a new dress in her size as a peace offering. She's so touched that she returns the dress and comes back with one 2 sizes too small in order to give herself incentive to lose weight.

Jacqueline opens up the third bag of cheezies of the night. She even wipes her hands on her jeans in orangy smug delight.

Other surpising events:
> Tracey chases after Steve!
> Sally brags!
> Les and Cilla argue!

Actaully, you know what?

I'll just tell them at the Duke that we're the Corrie Canuck group and when you come in, you can ask the hostess where we are.

Reminder: Corrie Canuck Pub Night

1st Corrie Canuck Pub Night - EVAH!

Duke of Argyle - on John Street between King and Queen

Click here for website.

7 pm.

I will be there inside towards teh back. If I don't feel like a dork, I'll have some sort of descrete sign. If I do feel like a geek, I won't. But I'm a 6' blond - you won't miss me.

Spouses more than welcomed!

Wedding Bells for Ashley and Claire


Claire Jane Casey
(From nanny to butcher boy’s wife. She’ll never want for tripe nor blood pudding.)


Ashley Sibelius Peacock


Spider-Man aka Joshua Peacock


An organ emergency arises. Norris answers the call for help.
Emily: “Is that what I think it is?” (sound of organ playing “We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday.”)
Rita: “It was either this or “Devil Woman.”
(We can assume he’ll be hired to play that song if Tracey ever weds.)


Snowflakes fall for the first time this year. Fred: “It’s Mother Nature’s confetti.”
A guard of honour forms an arch of meat cleavers over the happy couple. Soooooo romantic.

Congratulations to our Ashley, I say congratulations to our Ashley and our Clurr.

Happy Birthday Fish Fingers

They're a staple at the Webster family’s dinner table (I’m not sure Sally Webster knows how to cook anything else but fish fingers) and you can buy them at Dev’s Corner Shop. (Although I suppose after the firebombing they’d be fried fish.)

On this day in 1955, frozen Bird’s Eye fish fingers first went on sale in Britain. Brits eat about one million fish fingers a day. The Birds Eye company makes enough fish fingers every year to stretch around the equator!

And fish fingers Canadian connection, you ask?

When Fred Whan burned a fish finger under his grill in 2003, he was stunned to discover the scorch mark bore an uncanny resemblance to Jesus. Fred, from Kingston, Ontario, froze the snack for a year, before putting it up for sale on eBay. (It’s stories like this that make me proud to be a Canadian.)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

This Weeks' Best Line....

Was delivered by Ken when he said:
"There should be a law against parents interfering in their childrens relationships. If that were the case, Blanche would be doing ten years hard labour".
P.S. Charlie needs a foot up his ass. Who do you think might be the person to do it?

Update - Week of Sept 25

To finish up with the rest of the week:

Funniest Scene this Week
Candice walking in on the Baldwins on New Years eve only to find them all glued to the television watching - get this - The Royale Family. (If you're not familiar - I beg you, click the link.) Art imitates art.


Go bye-bye. After a hugely long and painful conversation - where Steve starts quoting 'Meatloaf' - it is clear that he doesn't want Karen in the house and she sets off.

The big dramatic shots of her looking wistfully around the street with tears in her eyes before she gets in the cab suggest that she is indeed gone for good.

(I don't know...she was a demanding selfish woman, but, I'm kind of blaming Steve, etal for driving her around the bend a bit. He could have made a better effort - e.g. not going on a family show with the Barlows.)

Tracey, when she hears the news actually expresses concern and sympathy for Karen (the woman she tried to kill the night before). This doesn't stop her from making Steve her target and immediately goes over to 'comfort' him.

Martin and Katie
Probably one of my least favorite storylines - but here goes.

Katie wants Martin to marry her. Martin says no. They have a fight during the reception for Ashley and Claire and at one point when Tyrone approaches Martin for a favour Martin gets that really super creepy golum face on and says, 'No! I got bigger problems tonight! precious.'

They make up and Katie decides that there's more than one way to get Martin and starts flushing her birth control down the toilet.

Jacqueline throws back a double vodka martini at the thought of katie/martin spawn.

Shelly and Charlie
Okay, he's a psycho and I can just tell you all without giving anything away, this story line is going to go on forever.

Bev gets back to the street and sees Deidre about Shelly. She knows that Charlie won't let her see her, so she asks Deidre if she could stay at her place and have Shel come over.

It's all 'Not Without My Shelly' as Deidre sneaks her out of the back and into the Barlow home where Bev is waiting to have a chat with her.

Long story short - Bev tells Shel that Charlie is a predator (best description yet)and begs her to leave him. Shel tells Bev that Charlie is the best thing that has ever happened to her and that he loves her as proven by the faux la croix earrings and that she has no mother.

When Shel gets back to the Rovers, Charlie is extra freaky as he's drilling her about where she was - because she was out of his radar for 20 minutes.

It gets better. Just before the New Years party, Charlie comes walking in with a new frock for her to wear to the party. She is delighted but, 'Oh dear, this is 2 sizes too small.'

Charlie beats himself about being such a jerk and offers to take it back, but wait, he gets a brilliant idea. 'Why doesn't she keep the dress and use it as incentive to lose a few pounds.'

Jacqueline opens up a bag of cheezies in a twisted stand of solidarity for full figured gals everywhere and screams 'Sod off!' at Charlie.

Shel tells Charlie that is just isn't going to happen and that he should really take the dress back.

Charlie takes the dress to Jason and tells him to give it to Violet because he bought it for Shel but that she didn't want it (because she is selfish and evil).

Violet shows up at the New Years party where Shelly has a heart attack and starts screaming about the barmaid wearing the dress that she couldn't fit into.

Violet is super apologetic because she didn't know and pretty pissed at Jason for giving her the dress.

Does it seem like Shel is begining to see Charlie's evil ways?

Happy Birthday Maya

SASHA BEHAR (Corrie’s Maya Sharma aka Mad Maya aka Spawn of Satan)

Born: September 25, 1971 in London

Winner of Best Villain, 2005 British Soap Awards

Gail and Deirdre Outvoted Again

Ab Fab actress Joanna Lumley, 59, was yesterday voted the all-time sexiest female star over the age of 50.

Prime Suspect’s Helen Mirren, 58, was second and Goldie Hawn, 59, came third.

Top ‘Old Fella’ was 76-year-old former James Bond star Sean Connery.

Joanna Lumley as Corrie’s Elaine Perkins (1973) dating our Ken Barlow.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Corrie Bosses Hit Back at Former Star’s Claims

TV bosses today hit back at Jean Alexander (our Hilda Ogden) who claimed that Coronation Street features too much sex and not enough humour.

A spokeswoman for Corrie claimed its popularity spoke for itself. She said: “We don’t subscribe to Jean’s opinions. Every week 12 million people across the country tune in to be entertained by the drama in Coronation Street.”

Coronation Street – Too Much Sex and Not Enough Laughter

Jean Alexander as Corrie’s Hilda Ogden

Coronation Street legend Jean Alexander has launched an astonishing attack on the show - for having too much sex and not enough laughter.

The veteran actress, who played the much-loved Hilda Ogden, says she will never return to Weatherfield.

She believes TV today, including the Granada soap, is now "all about who's sleeping with whom".

She says it encourages girls as young as 13 to think they have to have a boyfriend if they want to be seen as normal.

She also claims there's not enough fun in the show and criticises the modern storylines, saying some are allowed to "drag on forever".

The 78-year-old actress, who this week earned the title of best-loved soap character of all time, said: "Times have changed and there are things going on in Weatherfield now that Hilda definitely wouldn't have approved of!"

Her attack comes as the Street faces increasing flak from critics who have accused it of laboured storylines, bizarre plots, and vulgar dialogue - a view echoed by Jean.

She told the Manchester Evening News: "People keep asking if I will ever go back to the Street but I definitely won't because I don't think it ever really works when people go back again.

"I know the programme tries to reflect life and in Hilda's time it was more simple and cosy. Today, life and attitudes have changed and permissiveness has crept up on us. So now it is all about who's sleeping with whom.

"The programme may reflect life, but equally young people are being influenced by what they see in it. Even girls of 13 think they absolutely must have boyfriends, otherwise people will think they aren't normal.

"Youngsters get rushed into things too quickly before they have had a chance to live. "I don't like so much emphasis on sex. I also wish there was more fun in Coronation Street.

"There used to be much more comedy. And whereas a storyline would usually be played out within three weeks, today certain storylines seem to drag on forever.

"I'm glad I was there in those earlier, more gentle years. I enjoyed my time as Hilda and it is lovely that viewers still remember her with such affection."

Despite her misgivings, Jean still tunes in to Britain's longest-running TV soap. She said: "I still have some good friends in the cast, so yes, I do still watch it to see what they are up to. There are now quite a lot of younger actors there and in a way I think they have it tougher than we did.

"We had the opportunity of learning our craft in rep (repertory theatre), doing a new play every week and tackling many different kinds of parts.

"During the 10 years I spent in rep I did more than 400 plays. Where can you get that kind of experience today? Now most of the reps have gone.

"Today, you can become famous on television without having done anything particularly remarkable.

"Reality programmes turn people into instant celebrities. I can't see the point of watching people sitting around chatting in a house."

It will be 18 years in December since Jean left the Street. She went on to play Aunty Wainwright in Last Of The Summer Wine and has just completed her 16th year in the part.

She said: "We are hoping to do another series next year. And, no, I've no plans to retire."

Jean, who lives in Southport, is amazed by the nation's enduring affection for Hilda. She said: "I've no idea why. I'm totally flummoxed."

"If they remember Hilda with such affection, then I'm happy and very flattered," says Jean. She adds: "It means that I did a good job and that's what I set out to do. I had 23 wonderful years playing Hilda.

"I worked with some of the Street's legends - Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner), Violet Carson (Ena Sharples), one of TV's greatest characters, Jack Howarth (Albert Tatlock), Arthur Leslie and Doris Speed (Jack and Annie Walker), all now sadly gone."

News source: Manchester Evening News


Post your caption in the comments section for this pic of Steve and Karen.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Knickers in a Knot

Corrie Canuck presents a collection of knicker quotes from Coronation Street stars.

Our Leanne shows off her smalls

Sally Lindsay (our Shelley Unwin):

“I like to wear nice knickers if I’m going out. But I have to wear thongs to work as I can’t afford to have a visible pantyline on camera!”

Debra Stephenson (our Frankie Baldwin):

“Matching underwear is one of my obsessions.”

“One of my biggest fears is walking down a red carpet with my skirt stuck in my pants! (knickers) I often have a recurring dream that I’m gliding down the carpet at a showbiz bash and everyone’s laughing at me. Then I turn round and see my pants on show!”

Bill Ward (our Charlie Stubbs):

Bill loves the idea of being sent ladies’ underwear in the post but is still waiting. “I’m a bit disappointed,” he says. “Undies in a jiffy bag please!”

Ladies, you can send your knickers to Bill at this address:

Bill Ward
Coronation Street
c/o Granada Television
Quay Street
M60 9EA

Inflatable Pub

When you can’t get to the pub, bring the pub to you with the Inflatable Pub. Careful where you aim those darts, mate.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

ITV Milestones

Besides making TV history with Coronation Street in 1960, ITV has celebrated other golden moments in its 50-year history including the following:

The ban on showing toilet bowls in commercials was lifted in 1972. Up to then the rule had been: '. . . toilet cleanser may be shown on a bathroom window ledge or being above the actual toilet, but this should not reveal any part of the toilet itself.'

The Coronation Street / Star Trek Connection

"Vera Duckworth in Star Trek VIII"

Could someone please explain why many Coronation Street fans are also Trekkers? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I’m intrigued. Has anyone written a thesis on this phenomenon? I’ve also noticed a strong Corrie / Dr. Who link.

"Spock in the Rovers"

Images via Askem Nicely Museum

Samia Smith

(The artist formerly known as) Samia Ghadie wants to be known as Mrs. Smith following her marriage to property developer Matthew.

Samia (our Maria Sutherland) told Corrie chiefs that she wants to be billed as “Samia Smith” – and they’ve agreed.

Samia married Matthew Smith in Alderley Edge, Cheshire on September 10. Most of the Coronation Street cast, including Ryan Thomas (Jason), Tina O’Brien (Sarah), and Sally Lindsay (Shelley) were among the 200 plus guests.

Due to an agreement with a British entertainment magazine, the bride's gown was obstructed from the public's view by trash bin liners, which veiled the windows of the silver Rolls Royce that bore Samia to St. Philip's Church.

Bin liners always add a touch of class at a wedding, wouldn't you agree?

Big Cheeses Roll in ITV Shuffle

Broadcaster ITV has announced a major shake-up of its top executives.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Question of the week

So Steve has had a hard time lately...he seems to be at the end of his rope.

If you were Steve what would your next move be?

1) Make up with Karen and then move to Canada
2) Hook up with Tracey and then move to Canada
3) Fight for custody of Amy and then move to Canada
4) Move to Canada

Les Weatherfieldables

I got home last night at 1 am, heady with the remanents of 3 Strongbow, Chicken Roulade, and tales of French revolts - only to find an email from MJ stressing the importance of watching my recorded Corrie Episodes.

As mentioned before, I live to serve - so I grabbed my bottle of Stoly and went upstairs to watch it in bed.


The McDonald/Barlow group were having a shit fit on the stret trying to figure out how to get Karen back with the baby.

Steve said that Karen probably didn't know she had the baby in the car and got on the cell with her. She didn't actually know and he had just about got her to come back when Tracey grabbed the phone and started threatening her.

Karen told her to go to hell.

Steve got in the cab to go find her;Tracey insisted on coming along and Steve relented. (This was a dumb move on his part as far as I'm concerned.) Lots of drama ensued and finally Karen called Steve to tell her where she was.

By the time they got there, all they found was the van on fire. Tracey was convinced that Karen had killed Amy and was beside herself. Steve really didn't think Karen would have done that and was trying to call her when we see Karen in the background running for the cab and taking off with it.

Karen ended up back on the Street when Les noticed her, informed Eileen who informed Steve. Tracey spotted her and tried to run her down with the cab, but Karen escaped into the shop where Haley was working on Claire's dress.

Tracey told Haley that Karen had killed Amy and to let her in - with her huge iron pipe for smashy smashy - which Haley does and then takes herself goes outside to freak out. (Great scene, with Claire calling Haley to see how the dress is coming. 'Oh just fine!)

It's discovered that Karen left Amy with Roy - but Tracey won't believe it and pursues her smashing plan with Karen up on the roof top. Luckily Steve got into the shop and stops it before Karen is killed. (How the hell did Steve get back to the street, btw?)

When the dust settles, Steve tells Karen that she's going to go to the hospital herself and he storms off.

The next day Steve sees Jack and Vera arguing and starts to reflect on it. He asks her about the bickering and she says it's gone on for ages. He asked her if there were other men and her reply was, 'Oh no love, I believe in mahogany.' (Personally, I've always been more of a Piner..)

Then this lovely thing happens - he told her that Karen lost the baby and she gives him a big hug and I think this is the first time anyone has done this for him. Someone finally acknowledged that he had lost his baby too - it wasn't just Karen.

Later, Steve asks Tracey to not press charges about the car if they will drop the attempted murder issue and she agrees.

Then he goes home to talk to Karen....the end result is he tells her that he loves her but can't live with her anymore and packs her bag.

The Wedding
The wedding went off without a hitch - if you don't include in the list of 'hitches' the following:

- Josh refusing to wear anything but his spiderman outfit.
- The organist getting sick and Fred having to stand up and say, 'Is there an organist in the house? No, I'm serious.'
- Norris being the replacement organist with the one of two songs he knew. C'mon let's sing it together, 'We're all going on a summer holiday!'
- The limo with Claire and all the bridesmaids breaking down and all of them having to schlep to the church.
- Martin standing up and professing his love to Claire - then her having to think about that for a bit. (Who knew?! I TOTALLY didn't see that coming.)

Vera Duckworth: Blue Blood

Our Vera has been obsessed for years about her “Royal roots.”

Joss Shackleton, the man who claimed to be Vera’s father, also claimed to be the illegitimate grandson of Edward VII. Making Vera the Queen’s cousin.

Now Coronation Street actress Liz Dawn has made it into the pages of Burke's Landed Gentry.

Totty of the Week

Suranne Jones (our Karen McDonald) enjoying a rooftop fag break.

As Jacqueline mentioned yesterday (see previous posting) there’s a new Yahoo group dedicated to discussing Coronation Street babes and hunks.

Since this important niche is being filled over at Yahoo, my question to you is:

Should I continue to post photos of Corrie totty or not? It’s all up to you, Corrie Canuck readers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Corrie Group

Check it out here.

Does This Mean Anything

All the streetcars in Toronto have great huge signs along their sides advertising Corrie as being an hour long each night.

Quite an investment for a temporary thing. (e.g. just until the strikes over).

Maybe the big plan is to bring us up to date. Wouldn't that be freakin' fantastic!!!

I get most of information about Britain through Corrie so this will be great relief for me. I've heard rumours that Thatcher is no longer in power.

Pub Night.

Anyone? Anyone? Should I try for another night? I can also evite people if you drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com.


The biggest story line is that Karen lost her baby.

(Now, this happened to my best friend about a year ago, except it was a week before the baby was due. So needless to say, I'm watching these episodes with extra dry vodkas on hand. It actually kind of sucks watching this.)

Karen has told Steve that the marriage is through - and it would seem that the both of them felt the baby was the only thing holding their relationship together. Last we saw of Karen was her driving off of with the MacDonald/Barlow vehicle.

Oh yeah...Amy is inside the car.

As my sister said last night, 'This show is getting really dark.'

The lads threw a stag for Ashley - but Tyrone made the mistake of hiring a stripper. Ashley said that Claire would kill him if a stripper showed up.

(Why does this NOT suprise me? Personally, I'm happy just having the house to myself for an evening - I tend to give my husband 'tip' money and send him on his way.)

Anyway, they try to go to some club but are turned away because two senior citizens and a few of middle aged men consitutes a 'gang'. (Am I missing something). They're forced to end up at the Rovers.

Meanwhile Claire and her mom are going out and have hired Emily to take care of Josh. Emily walks into the house where Richard had tried to kill her and is immediately traumatized. She's looking all freaked out and I'm screaming at the Claire, 'Dude, maybe this isn't the best babysitting option.'

Also in some kind of panic, Claire tears her wedding dress on the zipper of the garment bag. She ends up making a bee-line for Haley.

Les and Cilla decided to crash the 'Awk'Hill Christmas do and pushed their Chesney to become a student. They backed down when they heard the prices, however, the headmaster had a chat with Chesney and has suggested that he could come to there with a free scholarship.

Sally was immediately hospitalized.

So I think that's it.

I'm off to the theatre tonight, but hopefully have set up my vcr correctly. I'm now considering getting that personal t.v. thing to record my shows. I have the digital, but i still tend to miss out...hmmmm. (OKay, I'm just rambling - so I'll sign out.)

Hilda Ogden: Favourite Soap Star of All Time

Coronation Street's Hilda Ogden, played by Jean Alexander, has been named favourite soap star of all time.

Canadian Coronation Street Blogs ‘R’ Us

What parallel universe do we inhabit that’s spawned both our blog (Corrie Canuck) and her blog (CDN Corrie Street Wrapup) and yet we remain strangers?

I’m going over there right now and invite her to visit us.

Her tagline:
“I hurt my knee in July 2004 and started to watch different programs because I was laid-up for a month. After watching back-to-back episodes of Corrie St. on a couple of Sundays I was hooked.”

Not only does she have a Canadian Coronation Street blog; she started it at practically the same time our Jacqueline created Corrie Canuck!!!

Us: January 12, 2005.
Her: January 27, 2005.

This is too freaky for me. Would someone please order up a vodka for me on that cell phone?

Make that a double.

Tuesday Night Reminder

On Tuesday, September 20, CBC presents a special 90-minute edition of Coronation Street beginning at 6:30 pm.

You know the drill, folks. Half an hour later in Newfoundland.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Corrie Expected to Sweep Soap Awards

Up for an award… Charlie: “a big hunk of bad man love”

Coronation Street appears to be a shoe-in to sweep the board at the Inside Soap Awards.

Samia and Matt: The Honeymooners

Samia Ghadie (our Maria Sutherland) and new husband Matthew Smith have been enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Mauritius.

The pair, who tied the knot last weekend, have been staying at the One & Only resort on the east coast of the island. They are staying in a £800-per-night suite which offers a 24-hour butler service.

"Matt and Samia were giggling as they signed in as Mr and Mrs Smith," one guest told the Sunday Mirror.

"They have only left their room a handful of times. It's not surprising though. It's a perfect place for romance and staying behind closed doors is to be expected from a honeymoon couple."

News source: Digital Spy