Monday, August 29, 2005

Weatherfield Workouts

While Corrie addicts the nation over rejoice in longer hours of programming this week, we may not notice the insidious side effects of our television viewing. Sitting square-eyed for hours in front of telly with our pints and crisps and bikkies, we are blissfully unaware of the creeping menace. Fat! Evil added poundage!

Never fear, dear Corrie Canuck reader. We've compiled a selection of exercise videos by Coronation Street stars to get you up off your arses.

We promise not to post photos of Fred Elliott in spandex . . . for now. (We still haven’t recovered from the sight of Jack Duckworth in orange Lycra cycling shorts!)

Haven’t you wondered how Coronation Street characters stay fit when they spend so much time at The Rovers? Well, now we know that Karen stays in shape by shagging Steve ten times a day!

Now, get ready to shape up!

Dance yourself slim with Coronation Street: Funk Fit. Tina O’Brien (our Sarah Platt), Nikki Sanderson (our Candice Stowe) and Lucy Jo Hudson (our Katy Harris) don skimpy outfits to make you sweat.

How does our Liz manage to squeeze into those tight dresses? Beverley Callard – Real Results reveals her slimming secrets. This is just one in a series of exercise videos she’s released.

She’s quoted in Woman’s Own saying, "I'm no saint. I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, eat chocolate and, if I've got a week off, drink every night." Now that’s a fitness regime.

Our Maxine Peacock suffered a tragic demise at the hands of Richard (Tricky Dicky) Hillman but she looks bright and bouncy in Tracy's Salsacise for Hips and Thighs.

“It's brilliant for tightening your bum,” says Tracy. She should know. Tracy was Rear of the Year in 1996.

Gone but not forgotten, former Corrie star Angela Griffin (our Fiona) brings us the Angela Griffin Dance Mix Workout. (Fiona was Steve McDonald’s girlfriend long before Barren Karen showed up.)

Former Corrie star Denise Welch (our Natalie) tones and stretches with Denise Welch - You Can Do It. (Natalie was Kevin Webster’s bit on the side.)

When Debra Stephenson (our Frankie) was pregnant with her son Max, her boobs got so big she could fit her head into one of her bra cups - which saved her time when shopping for undies.

"When I went to buy bras I didn't bother trying them on - I just stuck them on my head," she laughs. "If I could fit my head in the cup, I knew the bra was big enough!"

Debra hasn’t released a fitness video but she weighs in with some fitness tips.

And finally, our Cilla demonstrates the ultimate workout.


Anonymous said...

wow...boobs as big as your head??


Anonymous said...

i fink cillaz made to be fat..les sure hasnt got sick of it ! but theres les for you - if a sexy hot chick turned up @ his doorstep do you think he could resit chatting them up ?