Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Update, Update Last weeknd and Aug 1

I for one am glad to have the 1/2 hour show back.

This weekend saw Tracey and Cieran get arrested and Deidre get down on her hands and knees and beg Mike to get Penny to drop the charges.





Deidre, if you had stopped enabling her a long time ago, maybe she would be facing jail time.

Anyway, the charges were dropped and at least I was happy for Cieran. And HURRAH for Ken for saying what needed to be said.

Aug 1st.

Could Claire settle down a bit? I have to give Maxine's mom credit for being as big as she has been about the news that Ashley and Claire are getting married. Especially since she didn't even know that they were dating.

Josh went on an outing with Doreen and got sick so she bought him a new shirt and threw out the old one. Claire went into her Boadicea routine as the strong British woman and blah, blah, blah because she had bought the old shirt for Josh.

(Jacqueline sticks a pillow over for her head and begs for relief)

Janice and unknown star trek crew member (Patrick) are now an item.

Charlie's a twerp and Shel should have her head examine.

And guess who showed up at Dev and Sunita's shower? Yup - Maya.

Sunita showed her ninja side and started to strong arm Maya - literally.

When Maya 'accidentally' poured wine on Sunita - Shell then pulled her arm behind her back and TOSSED her out on the street.

And thus the wild women of CWWF (Corrie Women's Wrestling Federation).


John said...

Why is Mike Baldwin Dev's best man? Wouldn't Steve Macdonald be more appropriate?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Dev's parents?

I know shows can't always get the same actors to re-appear in roles months later, but Dev's mother was initially introduced as a very sophisticated, tall lean woman who did lunch and charities a lot, and his dad was like an Asian James Bond, very sauve and debonair.

Remember, Dev took Maya to meet his dad last year at a restaurant, and the oldster was bowled over by her sophistication and wit. (Gahh!)

We also saw a fair amount of the parents during the Gina/wedding plot line, where Gina was nervously trying to live up to their sauve expectations.

I'm not saying this couple are not nice people. I guess I'm saying they're just totally different people. :)