Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Update for Aug 22, 2005


He managed to win the car on the game show for the family. He refused any cut in the car as long as everyone promised not to tell Karen about the show.

Everyone promised, but Tracey is still trying to get him to come back to her. She's using Amy and even playing good girl with Karen. She's actually getting a little pathetic - imho. (Tried to get him to say that if he didn't think he'd get caught, he'd sleep with her.)

Of course Liz, Deidre and Blanche are all on the Steve and Karen should be together train.

I'm sorry - I do feel bad for Karen.

Kev and Sally

Went to a posh party with parents of Rosie's classmates. Even though you could tell she felt out of place, a glimpse of the good life has sparked a renewed interest in Sal.

She was in a good mood when they got back home and just when it looked like Kev and Sal might be sharing a pleasant moment - she rebuffed his advances.

She's kind of a crap wife.

Janice and Patrick

Attempted to go on a date but when Patrick showed up at her door, Leanne thought the car was for her and the Baldwin boy and got him to drive them around.

I guess Patrick wanted to keep his interest in Janice a secret so he obliged and left the flowers at her door.

They eventually hooked up - but by this time it was too late for food. So they chatted and ended up trying to find Patrick's loose dog. The dog ended up knocking down Janice and between that and the dog farting - the date was a lost cause.

Also, Jack is up to something to get his pigeons back.
Sunita is seriously pissed about being in jail and refuses to go on holiday with Dev.
And something about Jamie blackmailing his dad for money....(these baldwin boys bore me for some reason.)


John said...

I have to agree. The Baldwin boys bring the show to a screeching halt every time. And how many more are coming? What is this? Eastenders?

Karen M said...

I can't even understand what those boys are saying. Time for them to go back to London.

John said...

I think it's fine and all that not everyone on the street is Wetherfield born and raised (you got your Londoners, your Irish, etc.). But still, that's a lot of Cockneys on one street.

I still want there to be a Canadian moving onto the street. Maybe one of Nick's old friends from "Canida."