Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Update August 29th

Okay - the hour long episodes are great, but a lot of info. Forgive me if I forget anything.


Deidre - you have to be one of the worst mothers in history. I'm sorry - but I hold you completely responsible for the mess that is your daughter today. 'Oh, Tracey!'

Anyway, Tracey and Karen are having a little fight over the car that involves removing the tires, breaking into the homes and getting tires back, etc. Both are enjoying themselves to the nines.

Liz - okay...RENT a flat!

I think they have to be careful.

I mean I guess it's assumed that the Battersby's are heir apparants to the Duckworths. But I don't know....

When I see Steve try to seduce Karen by lifting his shirt to show his belly and doing a little wiggle....or when she exhausts him with demands for baby-making sex - I see the ghost of Duckworth future.

So Jack's scheme of having Vera believe that some historical society had nominated their place for honour - especially because of the re-installed pigeon coops - worked.

Vera was so happy that she rushed right out to get a new frock for Bonny Prince Charles' visit.

Unfortunately, she was mugged while doing it, roughed up and left with a 'strained' ankle.

Jack is feeling mucho guilt, espeically since Vera's feeling guilt about wanting the honour so badly. She feels guilty because if she was killed he'd be left on his own. Guilt upon guilt? Welcome to my world....

But it was very touching to see Jack take care of Vera as such.


Were able to fool the council guy that it was an ordinary bath tub that came through the ceiling.

Cilla tried to get Charlie to fix it, using her feminine wiles. Apparantly, there is a woman he can resist.

Lez ended up paying through the nose to get Kevin to haul away the hot tub.

Chesney, Sean, Kelly

Are all becoming close friends. Kelly and Sean spent the night together (purely plantonic) and Chesney has found a listening ear in Sean.

The 'posh' couple came over for dinner and there seems to be a nice relationship working between the couple. So nice, that rich dude offered Kev a postion to work for him.

Kevin has said no, but richie van rich asked him to think about it. I'm sure once Sal gets wind of it...well, you know.

Canadian Tire

Seriously, am the only one who hates that bucked tooth freak?


Mrs. Mystic said...

ahh the Canadian Tire guy - I heard that there was some kind of posh Canadian film society event and all kinds of celebrities there but all the fans were apparently lining up to get an autograph from the Canadian Tire guy (who was there as a fan as well) - how sad is that! I think he has the largest head/forehead on television.

Jacqueline said...




Anonymous said...

yep...i've often remarked that he was a huuuuge melon...canadian tire will be trying to develop some sort of "all-in-one, pnuematic head sling" for that boy