Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update Aug 23 & 24th

Steve and Karen

This guy's ass would have been on the curb a long time ago if I were Karen. There's only so much one can take and he seems to have no ability to stand up to his mother or the baby mommy.

Karen found out that Steve went with the Barlows to this game show, but what she didn't know is that he was on the show as part of hte 'Mom and Dad' stylings of Amy's parents. She especially didn't know that she won the car for the Barlows (re Tracey) by answering the shoe question.

So the game show was going to be broadcast and there was a hilarious little bit where Steve is trying to keep her from every television in Weatherfield. Finally, he got her into the Rovers where Fred doesnt' allow the telly on except for football games.

But of course, Fred's not around and everyone is gathered around watching Steve call Karen for the winning answer.

I know I've said it before, but I really do feel bad for her. She's shallow, selfish,etc. but the level of humiliation that Tracey puts her through and Liz, the Barlows and Steve allows is unbelieveable.

So she threw a fit, had a confrontation wiht Tracey the next day (to which she egged Karen on by mentioning that Steve was in her hotel room (cause he was locked out of his).) Karen ends up belting Tracey and the same old clafuffle happens.

She also ends up throwing Steve and Liz out of the house...again,can't blame her...seems to have washed her hands of it all.

Charlie and Shell

He is now forbidding her to go out if he plans on being home. I smell a psycho in the works.

Oh Charlie...and you were so well behaved for me!

Maria and Tyrone
There was some kind of holiday in the works that Maria had invited Tyrone to. Then Candice decided she should go instead of him - and told him as much. Maria, seeing his hurt feelings, went running after him to tell him that she wanted him to come instead.

Ashley and Claire
Ashley had accidently forgotten Maxine's birthday and was feeling mighty guilty about the whole thing. But then realized that he had to live in the here and now with Claire.

When Maxine's mom came to collect them all for a visit to Maxine's grave, Ashley was just about to tell her that he wasn't going to go. But then Claire popped around the corner with a bunch of flowers to take to the grave.

Ashley was so touched that he decided that waiting until the year 2345 for their wedding was a bad idea. He asked her to marry him right away and booked the church for a Christmas wedding.

Jack and Vera
Jack has got some guy to pretend to be from a historical society interested in their place as historical site - example of a traditional norhtern home or something.

Buddy has got Vera convinced that their place is just about to be picked and if it were Prince Charles himself would pay a visit. The ONLY thing holding them back is - a pigeon coop.

Sal and Kev
Kev is making fast friends with one of the fathers from Oakhill (it is Oakhill, right? Cause it's sounding a lot like AWKhill).

Sal is putting on airs, but it seems like this guy genuinely enjoys Kev's company.


skeezix said...

I'd always liked Liz, but this past week or so has convinced me that she isn't all that bright.

I know Liz doesn't like Karen, and she has every reason not to. But is Liz really that dumb that she thinks Tracey would be better for her son? Is Liz blind and deaf, and therefore unaware of how truly evil Tracey can be? I know Liz wants Steve to be closer to Amy, but come on.

Jacqueline said...

I think her friendship with Deirdre blinds her to a lot.

Radmila said...

I would so kick Steve to the curb.

The brightest thing that steve could have done to save his marriage with Karen is to move away with her...but since like Karen herself said, he's "weak", they are bound to separate.
She's on her way out of that marriage.
He's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

you have to admit this was one of the funniest weeks on Corrie in a long time...

Steve and Karen having angry sex, necessary sex, too much sex...

Fizz and Kirky in the tub

Baldwin trying to outsmart Les

Les and Cilla falling through the ceiling

Charlie's haircut

Vera and old big ears

I guess they needed some light stories to balance out all the Maya and Sunita stuff

Great week


Mrs. Mystic said...

am I the only one or is Karen so completely psychotic and Steve so wimpy that I'm the only one who hates them both? this is a really frustrating storyline for me....