Saturday, August 27, 2005

Todd & Karl Fiction Heaven

If you’ve read everything on the Big Gay Read list, why not try Todd & Karl Fiction Heaven?


Willie Lupin said...

Great pic. For this Brit it brought back memories of a great storyline.
But notice how they've managed to avoid each other's lips. Bruno, of course, isn't gay. Don't know about the other actor. The writer of many of those episodes is gay, Daren Little and, like Todd, had also been married.
I enjoy your blog. I usually avoid Corrie sites though because I already spend hours a week watching the programme.

MJ said...

We're pleased to have you on board Corrie Canuck, Willie.

I'm a big Daran Little fan as you'll see if you go into Corrie Canucks June 2005 archives to the posting entitled, "All Hail Daran Little."
(June 7 posting)

Jacqueline said...

Hey Willie!

If you are interested in contributing to this site, just drop me a line and I can sign you up as an co-author.

Welcome aboard!

Willie Lupin said...

mj: thanks. The King of Corrie writers is, of course, John Stevenson.

jacqueline, thanks for the kind invitation but I think I'll have to decline for now. My own blog takes up a lot of time and there's the problem that I'm six months ahead of you. But I'll try and drop into the comments box sometimes and maybe tell you when I've done something on Corrie.