Monday, August 08, 2005

Today’s Totty

I’ve received a special request from (name withheld) for some male Corrie pinup material. In the name of “research” I’ve found something to fit the bill. I regret that I could not find a shirtless photo of Fred Elliott nor a centrefold of Roy Cropper so this is the best I can do.


Anonymous said...


*gulp* I feel like crap for even asking this, but is that real? His face looks a bit diff then the rest of him. NOT that I am complaining. Hell, if I knew all I had to do was request some male totty, this place would be full of requests. :D

But umm... let's keep the naked Fred & Roy shots away from my eyes please.


Anonymous said...

OHH and to point out, next weeks issue of TV Guide (available on sale today) is a Corrie special with Dev & Sunita on the cover. It contains a spoiler(s)!!


Anonymous said...

EGAD!!! What a shock to see that pop up the screen this fine Monday morning...and with that, i will now scroll down to gaze at the wonder that is Tina O'Brien...


Jacqueline said...


Thanks for withholding my name.


MJ said...

There's more where that came from at

MJ said...
to be exact. Lots of Ryan Thomas
(Jason) photos.