Sunday, August 28, 2005

Someday He’ll Come Along, The Man I Love

Manchester Pride. Happy days. But what about our Sean? How can he celebrate when he’s the only gay in the village?

We’ve seen a spate of Corrie couples get together this year: Dev and Sunita; Candice and Warren; Pamer, er, Jason and Violet.

Will Sean find Mr. Right? Or just Mr. Right Now? Let’s rescue him before Kelly tries to convert him! (Note to Kelly: Sean has no intention of playing for your team. Ever. Get over him.)

It’s your turn to play matchmaker. You can choose anyone in the world. Who would you select as the ideal man for Sean?


Anonymous said...

funny thing first name is Jason.

Man, I'd show Violet a GREAT time.


MJ said...

Your first name is really Jason? Then it's your destiny to be with Violet.

Anonymous said...

yes it really you know the awful truth


Krista Sparkles said...

I would like to see our Sean set up with Brad my faaaabulous super. Sean would come home from the factory at the end of the day, and instead of heading to the Rovers they could sit under the twinkle lights in the piazza that Brad has created in our back courtyard and share a wine spritzer.

phospheratu said...

me! :D