Thursday, August 11, 2005

Samia’s Off the Market

In just a few months time, Samia Ghadie (our Maria Sutherland) will wed property developer Matthew Smith.

Samia says she's been in 'a total daze' since Matt popped the question on New Year's Day. 'We were in Rome and Matt casually said, "We can go to the Vatican today if you fancy." Then, at the gates, he dropped to one knee and proposed. I swear he had the ring on my finger before I'd even said yes.'

The wedding will take place in Samia's hometown of Rochdale (in Greater Manchester.) Fellow Corrie stars Tina O'Brien (our Sarah Platt) and Nikki Sanderson (our Candice Stowe) are tipped to be bridesmaids.

Corrie Canuck’s male readers may want to take note of Matthew’s chat-up line: ‘We met at a charity ball,’ Samia explains. ‘It was right at the end of the night and he asked if I wanted ketchup on my hotdog.’

Special note to our Pamer: We at Corrie Canuck understand the distress the news of Samia’s engagement will bring to you. Perhaps you should invest in the ACHOO Table: a handy table/tissue box combo to see you through this time of heartache. Our condolences.


Anonymous said...

I truly am devastated, but i *sniff* wish her *sniffsniff* all the best.

I need a hug


MJ said...

Is it any consolation that Tina O'Brien is still single? Tina and Ryan Thomas were recently spotted arguing in a Manchester nightclub.

Jacqueline said...

Jacqueline sends Pamer a cyber corrie hug.

Be strong little soldier!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, I feel much better.

Yep knowing Tina is still free to show off in the 'lads mags' is comforting.

I also know that England is one of the top countries for it's divorce rate. So I got that going for me too!!!!

I must admit to you lot that i've become more and more smitten with the new barmaid Violet (she's certainly not shrinking!)

And there's always Nikki Stevenson too. I'll be ok


MJ said...

Wow! You really got over her fast! Atta boy, Pamer.