Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Quizzy Quiz

Idea lifted from the Canadian Coronation Street bulletin board - here's the first of Corrie Canucks Polls.

When you watch Coronation Street, who's the most annoying person to come on your screen?

- Cilla

- Shelly

- Any one of the Baldwins

- Les

- Liz

- That schmuck from the Canadian Tire commercials


MJ said...

Besides the obvious Mad Maya and Tracy Barlow, it's that cow from Coronation Street Classics . . .
Tricia Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

more and more i am disliking Shelly. I hate her little "it's alright" and pathetic puppy face.

When she was in the Wethy Arms at Charlie's B'day, she looked so annoying just sitting there staring at him play VLT. Geez woman, get up and dance or mingle or something. Sitting like a kid who pooped her pants is not cool.


PS - Did i win? Was it Shelly? What do i win?

skeezix said...

1. Sunita. Way too much airtime for Sunita these last few months. SO, so, so sick of her. It got to the point where part of me wanted Maya's plan to work so that Sunita would remain in prison and Dev would move on. Mind you, I'm pretty sick of Dev too.

2. Shelly. How blind can you be?

3. The Baldwin boys -- who cares. Boring. Frankie, however, I love.

4. Karen -- she's gone from brassy, bossy, loud and fun to just plain unhinged.

5. Liz -- I love you, Liz, but anyone who thinks Tracey Barlow is good wife material for their son must have fewer brains than I had realized.

6. Katy and Martin -- Martin, you're old enough to be her Dad. Katy, he's old enough to be your Dad. Yet, somehow, despite this scandalous relationship, they remain the most boring couple in Weatherfield. However, Sunita and Dev are working hard to take the title.

MJ said...

One more . . . Sally Webster!

Mrs. Mystic said...

aargh it's gotta be Shelley - when the sh-t finally hits the proverbial fan she'll give us that "look/reaction" once again - and we'll all agree, yes you are really that stupid.

Anonymous said...

i would say it would have to be carol baldwin..plz tell me why thought started that piss head !?