Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Question of the Week

Because I’ve been a lazy git these last few weeks, I thought I’d treat you to Wednesday’s question a day early.

Okay – a new NYC type deli has opened on the street and the owner wants to name his menu items after the residents on the street.

Can you help him out?

Here’s something to get you going:

The Fred Elliot – A nice garlic lamb sausage that will repeat on you, I say, that will repeat on you!

The Deidre – fine sherry served in oversized glasses

The Sally Webster – Roast Boef Au Jus et La Pomme de Terre (that’s meat and potatoes to us common folk)

The Gayle Platt – The house wine.

Can you come up with some others?


fathead said...

my guilty pleasure has been and always will be The Karen MacDonald- a robust and tarty dessert that you should probably steer clear of


kowy said...

The Battersby:

Greasy. Goes well with beer. Presentation could be better, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in quantity.
Ingredients may vary depending on what was on 'special discount' at the loading dock.

Radmila said...

The Shelly Unwin: