Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Queer Eye for the Builder Guy

Charlie Stubbs’ hair has gone from shaggy to sleek.

Now if only Carson Kressley would take him shopping and teach him how to tjuz.


Jacqueline said...

ooooooooooooooooooooooooh - I don't know which look I love more.

Charlie - you're so bad.

Anonymous said...

I think the shaggy look was better.


kowy said...

Dammit, I HATE Charlie.
He's a horrible, mean, sexist, pig of a man.

Having said that...if he were to show up at my house wearing nothing but his tool belt, I'd take full advantage.

Mrs. Mystic said...

I think Shelley deserves Charlie - such a mindless twat.

Anonymous said...

you guys are terrible...objectifying a good man like that

We aren't just pieces of meat ya know!


Jacqueline said...


Testify girl!!!!

Jacqueline said...


Admit it, you love it.

Now take that sweet lil' tush out of here and get us a beer, toots.

J gives P a quick slap on the ass.

MJ said...

Woooo! Things are really hotting up in here. What have I wrought with this Charlie posting? I think it's time to re-post the half-nekked photo of Les Battersby to cool y'all down.

Anonymous said...

::takes the butt swat::

yes m'lady....would you like a pint or 531 mls??